Follow the Vikings

The 2015-2019 Follow the Vikings project creates a large and lasting network among cultural actors involved in the preservation, presentation and marketing of Viking heritage throughout Europe and beyond.

The project steering committee consist of 15 partners coming from eight countries (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom), all members of the Destination Viking Association. 

Highlighted activities:

  • Follow the Viking Roadshow, contemporary show celebrating the European Viking heritage.
  • Discover the Viking, that will tell you all you need to know Viking travel, appearance, life and crafting, but also in today's life
  • A library with photographies, videos and magazine to learn more about the Vikings

More info:

The Viking Routes was certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" in 1993. The Viking Cultural Route is a far-ranging, significant collection of sites, stories and heritage that represent the shared Viking legacy of Europe and beyond. The Vikings established important trading centres such as in Hedeby (Germany), Birka (Sweden), Jorvik (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland) and Kiev (Ukraine) and they also left a clear legacy behind them wherever they went.