Call for tenders: provision of international and national consultancy services to support the implementation of the Action on "Promotion of diversity and equality in Serbia"

26 March 2020 Belgrade

Under the framework of the second phase of the European Union/Council of Europe joint programme "Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey", the Council of Europe is looking for a maximum of 20 (twenty) Providers for the provision of International consultancy services, and a maximum...

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First round of Beneficiary Steering Committee Meetings held in five Beneficiaries

25 March 2020 Western Balkans and Turkey

Citizens of the Western Balkans and Turkey need enhanced protection of their rights, more accountable and independent justice systems and to keep building more democratic, tolerant and inclusive society, where media freedoms are guaranteed, and media pluralism is ensured. Therefore, continuous...

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Schools in Montenegro learn how to become places of lived democracy

12 March 2020 Podgorica

Around 85 participants from 40 pilot schools, the Ministry of Education, the Bureau for Educational Services and other relevant institutions gathered at the introductory conference “Fostering a democratic culture through a whole school approach” that took place on 5-6 March 2020 in Podgorica. The...

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Safety of journalists one of priorities in Montenegro

10 March 2020 Budva

Safety of journalists is one of the key elements of the Action "Freedom of expression and freedom of the media in Montenegro (JUFREX)". In order to ensure proper implementation of relevant Council of Europe standards, JUFREX will work with judicial representatives and police officers and build...

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Advancing institutional support for Free Legal Aid in North Macedonia

10 March 2020 Skopje

Authorities in North Macedonia are committed to strengthen their co-operation and institutional efforts in advancing free legal aid reforms and ensure better free legal aid for the citizens of North Macedonia. This was underlined during the Second Meeting of the National Co-ordination Body for...

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Authorities of Turkey show commitment to better protection of human rights

10 March 2020 Ankara

Authorities of Turkey are committed to better protection of human rights of the citizens of Turkey, as well of asylum seekers, migrants and victims of human trafficking, while further efforts will be put into fostering a comprehensive institutional response to violence against women and domestic...

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Second Advisory Board meeting of the “Quality education for all” action held in Sarajevo

6 March 2020 Sarajevo

The second Advisory Board meeting of the Horizontal Facility Action “Quality education for all” was held in Sarajevo on 5 March 2020. The meeting was opened by Bojana Urumova, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo, Gianluca Vannini, Head of the Operations Section for Social...

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Strengthening support and services for the victims of trafficking in human beings in Serbia

March Belgrade

The Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings requires that state parties have the obligation to adopt measures to assist victims in their physical, psychological and social recovery, taking into account their safety and protection needs. In Serbia, the...

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Promoting gender mainstreaming and gender equality in co-operation activities

6 March 2020 Pristina

A workshop on gender mainstreaming and gender equality in co-operation activities was held at the Council of Europe Office in Pristina on Friday, aiming to facilitate the sharing of good practices and challenges in regards to gender equality issues. The meeting provided an opportunity for...

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Protection of basic human rights is the essence of the the Draft Law on Civil Partnerships

5 March 2020 Podgorica

The Draft Law on Civil Partnerships is a compromise between the needs of the LGBTI community, Montenegro's international obligations and social reality, and its adoption by the state would unequivocally uphold the principles of universality and indivisibility of human rights. This was highlighted...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Consultative session on the Draft Law on Civil Partnerships in Montenegro

4 March 2020 Podgorica

The Council of Europe and the EU Delegation to Montenegro, in partnerships with the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms, are organising a consultative session at the Parliament of Montenegro on the Draft Law on Civil Partnerships. The debate will take place on Thursday, 5 March...

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Ten new schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina trained in Competences for Democratic Culture

28 February 2020 Teslic

A second in a series of training sessions on the Reference Framework for Competences for Democratic Culture for pilot schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized in Teslic on 26 and 27 February 2020 within the EU/CoE Horizontal Facility action “Quality education for all”. 37 representatives...

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Supporting effective implementation of human rights legislation in Albania

28-29 February Pogradec

Harmonisation of judicial practice in relation to property rights in Albania, the role of the Albanian courts in the implementation of the law on treatment of property, reopening of civil and criminal proceedings and the length of court proceedings, were at the focus of a two-days seminar with...

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Police and civil society organisations joined forces to strengthen the fight against hate crimes and protect the rights of LGBTI people

28 February 2020 Podgorica

The launching activity of the regional component of “Promotion of equality and diversity in the Western Balkans” action to combat hate crimes, took place in Podgorica 18-20 February 2020. Twenty representatives from six police administrations, as well as 15 non-governmental organisations' (NGOs)...

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Third Steering Committee meeting on action on Promotion of diversity and equality in Serbia held in Belgrade

28 February 2020 Belgrade

The Third Steering Committee meeting of the action on “Promotion of diversity and equality in Serbia” took place in Belgrade, on 5 March 2020 at the Palace of Serbia. This was the first Steering Committee after the inception period and a great opportunity to discuss concrete activities with...

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Training for newly appointed magistrates on satisfaction surveys in Albania

28 February 2020 Tirana

With the aim to improve the efficiency and the quality of the public service of justice delivered to the Albanian citizens, a series of trainings is being conducted in cooperation with the Council of Europe European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). Organised on 28 February 2020...

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Venice Commission to adopt two important legal opinions on Albania

February 2020 Tirana

In the context of the Expertise Co-ordination Mechanism (ECM) two important requests for legal opinion were submitted to the Venice Commission. The first request deriving from the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) concerned the amendments to the...

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Developing Legal Gender Recognition Law in North Macedonia

26 February Skopje

In the process of preparing the new Legal Gender Recognition Law in North Macedonia, the EU and Council of Europe joint Action ‘Promotion of Diversity and Equality in North Macedonia’ is advancing its support for the working group involved in the preparation of the law. Direct exchange and...

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Improving the lives of the people in North Macedonia through better protection of human rights and a more efficient justice system

27 February 2020 Skopje

The protection of fundamental human rights and better access to an efficient justice system for the citizens of North Macedonia is essential to build a more democratic and inclusive society. The European Union and the Council of Europe through their joint programme “Horizontal Facility for...

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The National Strategy for the Development of the Penitentiary System in North Macedonia drafted

26 February 2020 Skopje

The Working Group on drafting the new National Strategy for the Development of the Penitentiary System, held its fifth and last session in Skopje on 19-21 February 2020. Throughout the past six months, this committed working group has been meeting regularly to shape the joint vision and mission,...

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