Citizens of North Macedonia informed on Free Legal Aid services and expanding its use

25 October 2021 North Macedonia

Free legal aid is the provision of free legal services for those poor and marginalized people who cannot afford it. The new Law on Free Legal Aid (LFLA) that started its implementation on 1 October 2019 changed the concept of the legal aid system in North Macedonia in general. The LFLA takes more...

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Pilot schools from Montenegro hold “Inclusive Day” celebration online

21 October 2021 Montenegro

This year's celebration of “Inclusive Day” was held on 11 and 13 October 2021. Around 80 high school students from 40 pilot schools in Montenegro chatted about inclusive school and democratic school practices in four separate sessions. Each session was thematically covering various areas of...

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Millennium Bridge in the colours of the campaign on free legal aid for victims of domestic violence

22 October 2021 Podgorica

The Capital City of Podgorica joined the campaign on the free legal aid for victims of domestic violence in Montenegro, by lightening the Millennium Bridge in the purple colour of the campaign. The European Union and the Council of Europe, in co-operation with the Association of Judges, Supreme...

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Kaskadni trening o govoru mržnje za sudije i tužioce Republike Srpske

21 - 22. oktobar 2021. Teslić

Kaskadni trening na temu govora mržnje za pripadnike i pripadnice pravosuđa i policiju Republike Srpske okupio je 16 učesnika i učesnica. Obuka o krivičnopraynim aspektima govora mržnje obuhvatila je diskusiju o međunarodnom okviru u Bosni i Hercegovini (BiH), dvostruki pristup Evropskog suda za...

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Efforts towards amending the Law on Judicial Council and Judges in Montenegro resumed

20 October 2021 Podgorica

The first meeting of the newly set up Working Group for drafting amendments to the Law on Judicial Council and Judges took place in Podgorica, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights of the Government of Montenegro. The amendments are expected to further enhance...

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Strong co-ordination, efficient public awareness raising and capacity building of frontline workers essential for better identification of victims of trafficking in human beings in Turkey

18 October 2021 Ankara

On the European Anti-trafficking Day (18 October), the team of the joint European Union and the Council of Europe action "Strengthening the human rights protection of migrants and victims of human trafficking in Turkey” had an opportunity to discuss ways to further increase the identification of...

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Workshop on social media communications for representatives of judiciary in Montenegro

19 - 20 October 2021 Podgorica

Social media platforms play an increasingly central part in social life and communication, inevitably touching upon people's lives, with judges and prosecutors being no exception. As stated in Bangalore Principle 4.6, "judge, like any other citizen, is entitled to freedom of expression, belief,...

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Kaskadni trening o kleveti za sudije Republike Srpske

19 - 20. oktobar 2021. Teslić

Sudije i pravni savjetnici i savjetnice iz Republike Srpske (RS) učestvovali su tokom dva dana u kaskadnom treningu, o primjeni Zakona o zaštiti od klevete u pravosudnom sistemu Bosne i Hercegovine, što uključuje razumijevanje i primjenu evropskih standarda ustanovljenih u Evropskoj konvenciji o...

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Combating stereotypes and hatred against the LGBTI community in the north of Montenegro

19 October 2021 Berane

During October, the action on “Promotion of diversity and equality in Montenegro”, in co-operation with the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro and local civil society organisations, is organising trainings for police officers on the topic "Fight against hate crimes and the rights of LGBTI...

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Supporting freedom of expression and freedom of the media

July - September 2021 Western Balkans

Journalists, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers and many other actors play a key role in preservation of the freedom of expression and freedom of the media in every society. Raising the capacities of these actors and creating new synergies among them with the same aim – better...

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Fighting discrimination and hate speech and protecting the rights of minorities

July - September 2021 Western Balkans

The fight against discrimination on various grounds has been one of the main pillars of the Horizontal Facility programme since its beginning. Discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes remain important issues that need to be addressed in the Western Balkans and thus the Horizontal Facility II...

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Advancing the protection of detained and sentenced persons rights in the Western Balkans towards their full reintegration in the society

July - September 2021 Westen Balkans

An important component of the Horizontal Facility II programme in the field of justice remains the protection of human rights of detained and sentenced persons in line with the European standards. In this framework important interventions have been conducted in the region by respective actions of...

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Support to local authorities in the Western Balkans to ensure independent justice

July - September 2021 Western Balkans

The actions of the Horizontal Facility II have continued to provide assistance and expertise to the local authorities in the Western Balkans in their reforms in the justice system and support efforts to improve the efficiency of justice provided to citizens, in accordance with European standards....

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Books about developing democratic families presented in Belgrade

19 October 2021 Belgrade

Books for parents who seek to raise their children to be active citizens - “Growing up in a democratic family” and “Living in a democratic family” – developed under joint European Union/Council of Europe “Quality education for all” action, were presented in Belgrade today. The books guide the...

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Combating trafficking in human beings in the Western Balkans and Turkey

July - September 2021 Western Balkans and Turkey

Victim-centered approach to combating trafficking in human beings constitutes a guiding principle in all the Horizontal Facility actions tackling combating trafficking in human beings. Challenges in combating and preventing trafficking in human beings, especially in children, remain in the focus...

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European Anti-trafficking Day marked in the Western Balkans and Turkey

18 October 2021 Sarajevo, Skopje, Belgrade

Trafficking in human beings is a severe violation of human rights and only through joint action of all relevant actors - institutions, civil society and professionals, this phenomenon can be effectively countered. Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings remains one of the priorities...

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Serbia: Venice Commission welcomes constitutional amendments, recommends improvements, calls for the continued involvement of opposition

18 October 2021 Strasbourg

The initiative of the Serbian authorities to bring the 2006 Constitution in line with European and international standards, albeit only on the part of the judiciary, is to be welcomed, but the parliamentary opposition should continue to be involved in the constitutional reform process. Besides,...

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Obilježavanje Evropskog dana borbe protiv trgovine ljudima u Bosni i Hercegovini

18. oktobar/listopad 2021. godine Sarajevo

Trgovina ljudima u svrhu radne eksploatacije ozbiljno je kršenje ljudskih prava i jedino se zajedničkim djelovanjem svih relevantnih aktera - institucija, civilnog društva i stručnjaka može efikasno suzbiti ova pojava. To je naglašeno tokom današnjeg događaja povodom obilježavanja Evropskog dana...

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“Protect Children from Trafficking!”: European Anti-trafficking Day Marked in North Macedonia

18 October 2021 North Macedonia

“Any child can become a victim of human trafficking. Therefore, it is very important to have trained education professionals who can recognise the child trafficking indicators and react timely and adequately” – said Zekjirija Hasipi, the Director of the Bureau for Development of Education, at the...

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Draft Analysis of the rights of persons deprived from liberty in non-criminal proceedings presented

15 October 2021 Montenegro

The draft Analysis of the rights of persons deprived from liberty in non-criminal proceedings was presented during an online working meeting on 15 October 2021. The Analysis seeks to assess whether Montenegro authorities, in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, have complied with the EU and...

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