Improving the application of European standards in the field of freedom of expression and court reporting in Kosovo*

30 July 2020 Pristina

EU and Council of Europe are supporting media actors and institutions in Kosovo* and building their capacities to improve the application of European standards in the field of freedom of expression. The first thematic training workshop for media actors and other relevant stakeholders on good...

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Further steps taken towards strengthening the procedural safeguards in criminal proceedings in Montenegro

30 July 2020 Podgorica

The European Union and the Council of Europe support the authorities of Montenegro in implementation of the EU legislation and relevant case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on procedural safeguards in criminal proceedings. In this context, three main baseline studies were...

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“The voice of the invisible work force” Campaign launched in North Macedonia

30 July 2020 Skopje

“The voice of the invisible work force” is the new awareness raising campaign, kicked off in North Macedonia on the occasion of the International Anti-trafficking Day - July 30. The campaign launched by the Association of journalists for human rights, grantee of the EU and Council of Europe joint...

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Support to local self-governments and/or CSOs for fighting discrimination - “Promotion of diversity and equality in Albania“

30 July 2020 Albania

Under the framework of the European Union/Council of Europe joint programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”, and its action on “Promotion of diversity and equality in Albania”, the Council of Europe is launching a call for proposals with the aim to improve the...

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Algorithms and human rights – challenges we face

July 2020 Skopje

In the evolving technological world automated data processing techniques, such as algorithms, do not only enable users to seek and access information, they are also increasingly used in decision-making processes, that were previously entirely in the remit of human beings. But how should we...

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Awareness is the first step towards protection of your labour rights!

27 July 2020 Belgrade

The best way to inform workers is to meet them as often as possible and thus provide them with information about their rights and ways to protect themselves from labour exploitation and potential trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. This was the main message of the online launching...

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Uvodi se elektronsko upravljanje podacima u zatvorima u Bosni i Hercegovini

28. juli 2020. Sarajevo

Evropska unija i Vijeće Evrope nastavljaju pružati podršku uvođenju elektronskog sistema prikupljanja, čuvanja i razmjene podataka vezanih za zatvore u Bosni i Hercegovini. Nova kompjuterska oprema koja je donirana kroz zajednički EU/VE program “Horizontal Facility za Zapadni Balkan i Tursku...

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Presentation of the Guideline for adjusting the learning process and participation of university students with disabilities

24 July 2020 Podgorica

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused students with disabilities to be additionally vulnerable, due to the lack of comprehensive methodologies that would allow them to actively participate in learning processes. The action “Quality education for all in Montenegro” had decided to support the...

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Parliament of Albania adopts amendments to the Electoral Code

24 July 2020 Tirana

The Parliament of Albania adopted amendments to the Electoral Code after a long period of consultation with political parties and civil society organisations and with the support of international partners. Through the joint Horizontal Facility II Action against economic crime in Albania, the...

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For ambitious, yet actionable Human Rights Action Plans: Georgia and Turkey discuss their experience

23 July 2020 Ankara

How could Human Rights Action Plans contribute to more coherence, instead of multiplying policy documents? How could civil society’s role be embedded in the process? What is the ideal duration of an Action Plan? Here are some of the topics discussed by Georgian and Turkish representatives during...

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Uvođenje informacionih tehnologija u zatvore u Bosni i Hercegovini

23. jul 2020. Sarajevo

Zatvorske uprave u Bosni i Hercegovini započele su proces uvođenja informacionih tehnologija u svjetlu preporuka Vijeća Evrope. Podršku zatvorskim upravama pružio je zajednički projekat Evropske unije i Vijeća Evrope „Jačanje principa tretmana lica lišenih slobode na osnovu evropskih standarda i...

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Pluralism of media ownership in the new media environment – new study published

22 July 2020 Skopje

Concentration of media ownership has been one of the main regulatory issues since the liberalisation of media markets in all European countries. Today, these issues are gaining new relevance in the context of digital technologies, convergence, proliferation of new online media and fragmentation...

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The impact of the health crisis on freedom of expression and media freedom

21 July 2020 Skopje

Freedom of expression and freedom of the media are one of the priorities of the European Union and the Council of Europe in the Western Balkans. The joint EU/CoE actions on Freedom of expression and freedom of the media (JUFREX) focuse on promoting freedom of expression and freedom of the media...

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Poziv za podnošenje prijedloga projekata: Podrška lokalnim samoupravama/ili organizacijama civilnog društva za borbu protiv diskriminacije – “Promocija različitosti i jednakosti u Bosni i Hercegovini”

21. jul 2020. Sarajevo

U okviru zajedničkog programa Evropske unije i Vijeća Evrope “Horizontal Facility za Zapadni Balkan i Tursku 2019 – 2022", i projekta „Promocija različitosti i jednakosti u Bosni i Hercegovini”, Vijeće Evrope otvara poziv za podnošenje prijedloga projekata s ciljem finansiranja konkretnih...

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Novi HELP kurs o Zaštiti i sigurnosti novinara i novinarki javno dostupan

21. juli 2020. Zapadni Balkan

Novi HELP (Europski program za obrazovanje pravnika u oblasti ljudskih prava) kurs o Zaštiti i sigurnosti novinara i novinarki sada je dostupan na onlajn platformi HELP. Kurs je razvijen u saradnji sa Odjeljenjem Vijeća Europe za informaciono društvo u okviru projekta „Sloboda izražavanja i...

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Civic Alliance raises awareness on discrimination issues during COVID-19 time by organising a webinar on human rights and launching a No Hate Speech social media campaign

17 July 2020 Podgorica

More than forty representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academia, judiciary, public administration and media took part in a webinar on human rights in the time of crisis organised by Montenegrin NGO Civic Alliance on 9 July. The webinar was organised within the grant awarded to...

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Guidelines for establishing of a Referral Protocol and Directory of organisations adopted

15 July 2020 Skopje

Authorities in North Macedonia are committed to work together on an effective referral system that contributes towards improving the access to justice. This was underlined during the third meeting of the National Co-ordination Body for implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid (NCB) that took...

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Second Steering Committee Meeting under the action “Supporting enhanced access to higher quality Free Legal Aid services in North Macedonia”

16 July 2020 Skopje

The Second Steering Committee meeting of the action “Supporting enhanced access to higher quality Free Legal Aid services in North Macedonia” took place on 10 July 2020 in a form of an online meeting. The meeting brought together representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Bar Association,...

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Legal professionals enhanced their skills to ensure protection of victims of human trafficking in North Macedonia

15 July 2020 Skopje

“The course has provided judges and prosecutors with substantial theoretical and practical knowledge to combat trafficking in human beings, knowledge which is very much needed in our daily work, since we deal with many trafficking cases in the organised crime department”, stated a judge from the...

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Drugi sastanak Upravnog odbora projekta “Promocija različitosti i jednakosti u Bosni i Hercegovini“

14. jul 2020. Sarajevo

Projekat „Promocija raličitosti i jednakosti u Bosni i Hercegovini“ je 14. jula 2020.godine, organizovao drugi sastanak Upravnog odbora. Bojana Urumova, šefica Ureda Vijeća Evrope u Sarajevu se zahvalila partnerima iz Evropskoeunije i svim institucijama za pružanje podrške na mnogo načina u...

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