3rd Workshop on Qualification Standards

Konjic 15-16 May 2014
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The third workshop for development of qualification and occupational standards was held 15-16 May 2014, in Konjic. This workshop focus was on the 'Occupation Standards', the nature and function of Occupational Standards were explored with the aid of an 'Information Sheet' distributed with the meeting documentation. This sheet also covered Curricula development, the Employability agenda and transferable skills. Apart from briefly describing European experience regarding occupational standards, it was emphasised that it will be necessary at some stage to determine their relationship to the BiH qualifications framework and quality assurance system(s). No European common approaches to Occupational Standards exist and great variations in their role, nature and details can be found.

Mile Dželalija presented a PowerPoint on the role and potential functions of Occupational Standards and emphasised the benefits of a common regional approach.  Such standards can have a strong link to qualifications and Qualification Standards (QS). They were given working groups to select what they consider to be the important elements in any template for an Occupational Standard. One page from the PowerPoint (Annex 1) was distributed and the five working groups were asked to agree on the functions and role of any qualifications standard as well as indicate any missing elements not on the list. The working groups were asked (in accordance with the previously agreed role and set of functions) to choose the components of any occupational standards template using the working group task sheet in their document package (Annex 2). The working groups agreed on the appropriate minimal elements to be included in any Occupational Standard template (template containing these elements can be found in Annex 3).

Agriculture and food processing / Poljoprivreda i obrada hrane



Engineering /Inžinjerstvo

Teacher Education / Obrazovanje nastavnika