Strengthening Higher Education in BiH (2009-2011)

The project "Strengthening Higher Education in BiH III" (SHE III) focused on the implementation of four of the Seven Key Strategies and Guidelines.

  • SHE III assisted the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance (HEA) and BiH universities with drafting the corresponding procedures and criteria and to prepare for the actual external evaluation in line with European standards and practice.
  • In a second component SHE III assisted BiH universities and the BiH Rectors Conference with the implementation of the 'Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in BiH' and developed the "Curriculum Development Good Practice Guide" and a set of templates for curricular design and program validation that universities can put to use right away.
This assistance was accompanied by
  • a set of recommendations related to the legislative framework for higher education and
  • a proposal for a single expert body for taking forward the strategic implementation of Bologna reforms in BiH.

If applied systematically, the recommendations, guidelines, tools and strategies elaborated by this and the previous joint projects should help enact higher education reforms in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area. It will contribute to developing a constructive and mid-term approach towards integrating the new Bologna degrees and the existing BiH parameters for education, employment and social security.

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Strategic Development of Higher Education and qualifications standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina