4th Workshop on Qualifications Standards

Jahorina 29-30 September 2014
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The fourth workshop for development of qualification and occupational standards was held 29-30 September 2014, in Jahorina. Employers’ representatives from the areas of agriculture, food processing and ICT joined the workshop meeting. The work of the fourth workshop focused on developing five Qualifications Standard (QS) and two Occupational Standard (OS) templates. Expert on component 1 of the project (covering the situation of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina) joined the workshop in quest of feedback on this aspect of the work from the working group members in plenary session.

The five working groups presented the results of their interim meetings that took place between May and September 2014. Following the reports there was an extensive discussion of various aspects of the WG reports.

The employer representatives were introduced to the work to date and the main differences between Qualification Standards (QS) and Occupational Standards (OS).  They were tasked to:

  • Consider the QS and OS and decide if they were too detailed/too brief, plus suggest how they may be strengthened;
  • Focus on the format and headings of the OS;
  • Join their WG sessions and become full members as well as report back to the next plenary session their observations.

The CoE experts presented the tasks for the next set of interim meeting of the working groups and explained what is expected from the groups: In their interim meetings the working groups should consider all the comments made by the CoE experts for the finalization of the Occupational Standards templates and Qualification standards templates and especially to consider the documents produced by other WGs.