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The Council of Europe Higher Education Series, launched in 2004, aims to explore higher education issues of concern to policy makers in Ministries, higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations, and student representatives. Beyond that, the books will be of interest to all those interested in the development and future of higher education in Europe.

The topics covered by the Higher Education Series will reflect the commitment of the Council of Europe to the basic values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law and its belief that education and higher education play a key role in developing the democratic culture without which democratic societies cannot thrive as well as in developing the skills, knowledge and values that modern, complex societies require.

The volumes in the Council of Europe Higher Education Series will reflect the lively debate on higher education policy currently underway in Europe as well as the Council of Europe's contributions to that debate. Authors will be invited to put forward their own views on the topics selected, and the Series will seek to provide a forum for debate rather than outline a set of official positions. Through the topics covered and the views presented, higher education policy makers at all levels will hopefully find inspiration and ideas for their own work.

Strategic Development of Higher Education and qualifications standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina