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Strengthening international youth work at the local level. Recommendations of the German youth policy initiative ‘Kommune goes International’ for policymakers and authorities

30/09/15 13:20

By taking part in international exchanges or other international youth work projects, young participants become more aware of their own identity, acquire valuable skills and strengthen their understanding of what it means to be European. Experiencing mobility in this way gives them an opportunity to make some profound positive changes in their lives.

Experience has shown that disadvantaged young people from a variety of cultural backgrounds can benefit in particular measure from activities offered at the local level. This is where the project' Kommune goes International (KGI)', running from 2011 until 2014, comes in: Over a period of three years, local authorities of varying sizes and structures have worked with local partners to strengthen local level international youth work over the long term and make it accessible to all young people.

Selected international good practices in youth participation at local level

30/09/15 13:15

Youth participation has been established on the agenda of institutions at local, regional, national and European levels. It is also a key subject of the EU Youth Strategy and the independent government policy for young people of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ).

This brochure is intended to provide selected good practices in youth participation at local level from Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France.

YouthBarCamp. A Guide for Practical Use

30/09/15 13:07

YouthBarCamps shows possible solutions and know-how about how the format BarCamp can be adapted to youth work.

This is a publication created by the Institute for Communication in Social Media (Institut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien, and Mediale Pfade – Agency for Media Education
( on behalf of the project Youthpart. Youthpart was a project by IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der
Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.) that ran until the end of 2014.

Ypart for Youth. A Guide for Digital Youth Participation on the Participation Platform

30/09/15 12:57

This booklet is about flexible and contemporary online participation for young people on the online platform Ypart is a digital participation platform enabling and supporting young people to explore their interests, concerns and wishes in the form of self-determined projects. The platform Ypart is based on the concept “Liquid Democracy”. is a flexible, durable and sustainable platform that seeks to amplify the possibities of participation for young people on the Internet.

„When can we drop the ‚e‘ in participation?“

23/09/15 15:12

30 people from various backgrounds met for two days in Helsinki (Finland) to discuss one single topic: e-participation & youth. The multilateral project 'youthpart' and its Finnish partner Koordinaatti invited experts from youth work, software development, open government, administration and young people themselves.

Overall the seminar aimed to take stock of youth policies on digital youth participation, the exchange of good practice and the further development of the „guidelines for successful e-participation by youth“.

Guidelines for successful e-participation by young people in decision-making at local, regional, national and European levels

23/09/15 15:02
These Guidelines provide those planning an e-participation process for young people with a set of factors they should take into consideration to make the process more effective. They are designed to support youth policy experts, decision-makers, young people, youth organisations and administrative staff. These guidelines are advisory and can be adapted to the needs of different e-participation initiatives and the differing circumstances of young people, and to meet future technical and societal changes.

transitions. Successful Transitions to Training and Employment. Documentation of an International Peer Learning Project.Insights – Good practices – Conclusions

23/09/15 14:57
Currently, many young people are struggling to master the transition into training and working life. The three-year international project “transitions. Successful transitions to training and employment”, which ran from 2012 to 2014, directed the spotlight at these challenges.
An international expert exchange delivered insights that helped to gain a deeper understanding of national youth policies and practices in the participating countries. This publication illustrates these and other insights, both national and international, gained in connection with this project, outlines good transition practices, and draws some conclusions.

Volunteering of Young People in Europe. Findings of Summary Analysis of Information Templates on Youth Volunteering

09/12/14 16:58
This report is a summary and a mapping study. It equally aims at analytical overview of the situation of young people and of national policies in regard of volunteering. The Report is based on the information provided in the information templates (national
reports), which have been prepared by the national correspondents of the European Knowledge Centre of Youth Policies