Judicial Inspection capacities further enhanced in line with European practices

01 June 2023 Tirana

38 members of the High Inspector of Justice in Albania enhanced their capacities on thematic inspections combining the best European and international experiences. Steered by Marjorie Obadia and Jean-louis Daumas, inspectors of the High Justice Inspectorate of France, the training module was the...

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Senior police officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina intensify efforts to prevent and respond to ill-treatment

16 - 17 May 2023 Mostar

Different ways to prevent impunity and promptly respond to allegations of ill-treatment while ensuring that rights of detainees are properly protected throughout the deprivation of liberty were the key issues discussed at the meeting of 52 most senior police officials at the meeting held on 16-17...

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Judges and State Prosecutors in Montenegro enhance their knowledge on judicial and prosecutorial ethics and discipline

16 - 17 May 2023 Podgorica

With the aim of promoting Judicial Ethics and Professional Conduct, a two-day workshop for judges and prosecutors took place in Podgorica on 16/17 May 2023 and was implemented in co-operation with the Judicial Training Centre of Montenegro. The workshop represents a part of the Training Curricula...

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Improving the capacities of public actors in North Macedonia concerning cases of domestic and gender-based violence and cases where children are involved

18 May 2023 Ohrid

A three day capacity building activities on access to justice in cases of domestic and gender-based violence and cases where children are involved was conducted for 50 employees of the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Justice, Centers for Social Work and the Ministry of Interior. The training...

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High-level discussions in Serbia on the way to move forward towards the rapid execution of the Court judgments related to Serbia

8 May 2023 Belgrade

The Council of Europe’s Director of Human Rights, representatives of the Execution Department, the Court Registry and the Co-operation Programme Division of the Council of Europe had a high-level exchange in Belgrade with the Minister of Justice and the representatives of the Ministry of Finance...

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Round table on the execution of the judgment concerning missing babies in Serbia

9 May 2023 Belgrade

A roundtable focusing on the execution of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgment in the case of Zorica Jovanović took place in Belgrade on 9 May. The roundtable focused on the authorities’ failure to provide persons concerned with credible information as to the fate of their new-born...

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High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils enhance their inter-institutional cooperation and implementation of CEPEJ tools


In the frame of the Albanian Justice Day, senior representatives and staff of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils gathered in a high level event in Korça. Supported by the European Union and the Council of Europe action SEJ IV, the purpose of the event was to enhance their...

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Call for tenders: consultancy services in the areas of legislation and its implementation in the field of independence and accountability of the judicial system and protection of victims' rights in Montenegro

11 May 2023 Montenegro

Within the framework of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye”, the Council of Europe is currently implementing the action on “Strengthening accountability of the judicial system and enhancing protection of victims' rights in...

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Upholding human rights and rule of law: 110th anniversary of the Albanian Supreme Court marked in Tirana

10 May 2023 Tirana

Supreme Courts have a fundamental indispensable role in the process of harmonising national judicial practice with international standards and addressing current justice reform challenges in the EU integration process. This was the key message of the international conference organised today in...

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State prosecutors from Montenegro attended the International Expert Meeting on Juvenile Justice

13 - 14 April 2023 Ljubljana

The two state prosecutors from Montenegro took part in the 21st Expert meeting „The Child – A Means of Evidence” which was held in Ljubljana, on 13-14 April. The meeting gathered legal practitioners and members of other services dealing with children, including social and medical services, and...

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Memorandum on Co-operation between the Associations of State Prosecutors of Montenegro and Slovenia signed

13 April 2023 Ljubljana

A Memorandum on Co-operation between the Association of State Prosecutors of Montenegro and Association of State Prosecutors of Slovenia was signed in Ljubljana on 13 April. This document provides a framework for co-operation and joint work between two prosecution organisations, particularly in...

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Supporting alternative dispute resolution in Montenegro: The first assessment of the existing capacity building programmes for judges and mediators held in Podgorica

6 - 7 April 2023 Podgorica

The first on-site visit in the framework of the Council of Europe assessment of the existing capacity building programmes for judges and mediators in line with the best practices of the Council of Europe member states, was held in Podgorica. Key representatives from the Ministry of Justice,...

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Capacities of attorneys in North Macedonia re-enforced on child-friendly justice

7 April 2023 Skopje

50 attorneys from North Macedonia successfully completed the two online HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) courses on child-friendly justice. The courses aim to assist relevant professionals to get a comprehensive overview of European standards concerning justice for children...

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Albanian prison service to pilot Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for prisoners with mental health disorders

4-5 April 2023 Pogradec, Albania

The EU and the Council of Europe through their joint Horizontal Facility programme are assisting the Albanian prison service to further improve the treatment of prisoners with mental health disorders. This will be achieved by setting up a standardised system of detection, screening and treatment...

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Council of Europe HELP online course on antidiscrimination launched for more than 60 lawyers in Albania

6 April 2023 Tirana, Albania,

Over 60 lawyers in Albania participated in the launch of the HELP course on Antidiscrimination taking place in Tirana. The hybrid event was organised by the EU/CoE Horizontal Facility action “Advancing the Protection from Discrimination in Albania” and “HELP in the Western Balkans” project funded...

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Guidelines on processing domestic violence cases available to the professional and wide public

6 April 2023 Podgorica, Montenegro

Guidelines for prosecutors and police on processing domestic violence cases were developed in co-operation with the Women's Rights Centre. The aim of the document is to facilitate the work of police and prosecution in processing domestic violence cases through precise instructions, as well as to...

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Local Co-ordination Body to support the Free Legal Aid kicks off its work in Kumanovo

24 March 2023 Kumanovo / North Macedonia

The Local Co-ordination Body to support the implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid was established for the first time in Kumanovo. Supported by the EU and Council of Europe joint action “Towards a Consolidated and More Efficient Free Legal Aid (FLA) System in North Macedonia” in co-operation...

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Press judges discuss tools for judicial communication with public and the media

30 March 2023 Tirana, Albania

In support of enhancing transparency of the justice system and ensuring better communication of the court with public and the media, High Judicial Council of Albania and 16 newly appointed press judges participated in a workshop to discuss communication tools and strategies with media and the...

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Central Election Commission Electronic Platform on Financial Reporting – increasing the transparency and accountability of political parties and electoral campaigns in Albania

5 April 2023 Tirana, Albania

The Central Election Commission (CEC) launched the Electronic Platform on Financial Reporting at a high-level event today, supported by the Action against Economic Crime in Albania. The electronic platform constitutes an innovative and sustainable mechanism to increase the transparency and...

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Workshop on communication in the justice sector delivered to members of the Judicial Council and Prosecutorial Council in Montenegro

27 - 28 March 2023 Budva

For the judicial institutions to be viewed by citizens as effective and transparent, it is vital that information placed in the public domain, whether about individual cases or work of the prosecution in general, is well-balanced, accurate and aligned with the core values of judicial independence...

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