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Speak peace! Hate speech is not an option 

Speak peace! Hate speech is not an option!’ explores the concepts of hate speech, its manifestations, its risks for human rights and democracies. This booklet was developed for any person, civil society organisations and others who feel the need to understand the phenomenon of hate speech better and wish to do something to combat hate speech, taking a stance against it in diverse societies they live in. It provides explanations about hate speech as well as proposals for actions to prevent and fight hate speech.

Printed copies are available in the Council of Europe local presence in the Western Balkans, https://www.coe.int/en/web/programmes/external-offices.

 English version (PDF 2.43 Mb)                 Bosnian version (PDF 2.46 Mb)  
 Macedonian version (PDF 2.53 Mb)       Montenegrin version (PDF 2.41 Mb) 
 Serbian version (PDF 2.47 Mb)

Gündem İçeriği Gündem İçeriği

Report on the use of hate speech in Serbian media

 English version (PDF 1.05 Mb)