Developing youth policy and constructing its links with research and practice are in the core of the EU-CoE youth partnership's mission. Therefore the related activities involve all these areas and promote dialogue among youth researchers, young people, youth organisations, policy makers and practitioners on themes of relevance to young people in Europe. This leads to formulating conclusions and recommendations for future reflection and youth policy, research and practice actions.

For further information do not hesitate to contact EU-CoE youth partnership team.

The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP)

The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP) is an on-line database intended to provide the youth sector with a single access point to reliable knowledge and information about young people's situation across Europe. EKCYP aims at enhancing knowledge transfers between the fields of...

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Seminar "Shaping European youth policies"

The training course "Be(come) a youth policy change maker! - Strategies, triangles and coincidences: taking European youth policies from concept to practice" is organised between December 2013 and June 2014. 30 participants from 6 countries (Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine)...

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Open online course 'Essentials of youth policy’

The open online course equipped learners with the basic competences to engage in youth policy. Participants learned about the essential elements of youth policy, the steps of youth policy (development, delivery, evaluation), its impact in the lives of young people, and they reflected on their...

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Geographical co-operation

In the context of this objective the EU-CoE youth partnership encourages and creates opportunities for representatives of youth policy-makers, youth researchers, youth workers and young people themselves to engage in a debate on the situation of young people and the response of youth policies to...

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Youth policy co-operation

In 2005 the EU-CoE youth partnership, together with several national and regional partners, initiated a process of youth policy co-operation in the broader Euro-Mediterranean region, with a view to fostering greater co-operation between youth policy stakeholders.

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Youth Policy manual - How to develop a national youth strategy

This manual proposes one possible model for how a national youth policy strategy can be developed. It is based on the author’s observations from the countries of Southeastern and eastern Europe, as they gain experience in addressing youth policy in a transversal and cross-sectorial manner and...

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