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Training: ATTE Series

Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe (ATTE) was a part-time programme for trainers active in training youth multipliers. ATTE was implemented successfully as a pilot course from November 2001 to October 2003, involving 30 trainers from 21 countries, it is innovative in its approach, methodology, structure, long-term perspective and intensity.

ATTE has been developed and organised within the Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training run by the European Commission and the Council of Europe. The Partnership Programme aims to contribute to quality in youth-worker training at European level, with an emphasis on integrating European Citizenship in youth work.

Volume 1 of this publication presents a full description of the ATTE training programme and its curriculum, and Volume 2 gives an external evaluation of the pilot course.

Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe. Volume 1 - Curriculum description (2005)

Author(s) : Miguel Angel García López (ed.)
ISBN : 92-871-5792-8
 Download the publication "Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe. Volume 1 - Curriculum description"

Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe. Volume 2 - External evaluation (2006)

Author(s) : Lynne Chisholm with Bryony Hoskins, Marianne Søgaard Sorensen, Lejf Moos, Ib Jensen
ISBN : 978-92-871-5797-3

 Download the publication "Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe. Volume 2 - External evaluation"