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Results of the last EPLM Steering Group Meeting

On November 12th till 13th 2013 the last EPLM Steering Group meeting took place in
Bonn (Germany). Central results of the Steering Group meeting are:

  1. EU-CoE youth partnership takes over the EPLM coordination in 2014.
  2. The new EPLM host is not clear yet since the conditions of the new EU program Erasmus + will be explored. The Turkish Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programmes and the France National Institute for Youth and Community Education INJEP do have interest. We expect a final decision by the end of February 2014.
  3. New Steering Group members have been proposed: Important points were the enlargement of the Steering Group by more youth organizations as well as a geographical expansion of its members. Potential new members will be asked in the upcoming weeks.
  4. The next Steering Group meeting with the new members is planned for Spring 2014.
  5. Also for Spring 2014, Youth Partnership wants to organize an international researcher conference.
  6. The next big EPLM conference is planned for 2015.


European Youth Event 2014

Thursday, 08 May 2014 - Sunday, 11 May 2014
Strasbourg, European Parliament

From 9-11 May 2014 the Parliament will open its doors again. Thousands of young Europeans will meet in Strasbourg for the EYE 2014 - your chance to shape Europe's future! For further information please click here: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/eye2014/en/news/news.html
Contact: eye@europarl.europa.eu



Research study on visas and residence permits

The Erasmus Student Network has conducted a survey in the context of on entry and residence of third‐country nationals for the purposes of research, studies, pupil exchange, remunerated and unremunerated training, voluntary service and au pairing. The study provides useful insights into the current situation of young people that want to travel and live abroad. To download the study please click here

"The impact of EU Visa liberalization on youth mobility in Republic of Moldova"

Denis Cenusa released the policy paper at the request of the National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM). The purpose of the paper is to point out and to present the potential impact of the visa liberalization on youth and its mobility. To download the paper please click here.

Reinforcing links: Experiences of cooperation between the formal and non formal sector in training youth workers

This brochure is a result of a small practice mapping exercise, which was carried out in the framework of European Training Strategy of the Youth in Action Programme (2007-2013). To download the brochure please click here.

European Peer Learning on Youth Policy (2011–2013) - A new youth policy for Europe towards the empowerment and inclusion for all young people

JUGEND für Europa – The German National Agency for the Youth in Action EU Programme published the results of the Multilateral Peer Learning Project on Youth Policy. In this documentation, the ingredients for a sustainable and future-oriented youth policy are mentioned. To download the documentation please click here.


Green light for Erasmus+: More than 4 million to get EU grants for skills and employability

The European Parliament approved Erasmus+ - the new EU Programme for education, training, youth and sport, due to begin in January. For further information please click here.

EU measures to tackle youth unemployment

The European Commission is working with Member States on The Youth Guarantee. It is a new approach to tackling youth unemployment which ensures that all young people under 25 – whether registered with employment services or not – get a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months of them leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.
For further information please click here.

The European Youth Forum published the Youth Guarantee Info Graphic

To download the graphic please click here.

Call for a Communication Consultant fort he European Youth Forum - Application deadline 15/12/2013!

The European Youth Forum initiates the process of the development of an online platform that would be focused on gathering best practice and stories on youth mobility. They are looking for a consultant who will processes and analyses the gathered stories and information, preparing the content of relevant elements of the website with the support of the Forum. For further information please click here.

EPLM-Conference 2013

Mobility Spaces, Learning Spaces - Linking Policy, Research and Practice

20 - 22 March 2013, GLS Language Centre Berlin, Germany

Steering Group EPLM

The European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field is guided by a Steering Group with representatives of the following organisations:

EPLM - Material and downloads

We provide some of relevant documents about EPLM 2013 as downloadable files. We want to guarantee that everybody can access necessary information about the network. Beside this you can find some...