Perugia, Italy 2009My youth work path by Anna G.Bei

Context of Author

I am a Psychologist, I have an MSc in European Youth Policies, I work as a volunteer youth trainer and organizer at the NGO Aenao




My story is told through images depicting my youth training experiences around Europe. These were milestones for my personal, civic and professional development.

Story on full

My ‘Youth Work Path’ is a video containing a series of pictures taken in various training courses with the NGO Aenao and other organisations from all around Europe. I started this journey of experiences in 2006. These images represent a series of fun moments filled with joy, creativity, humour, friendship, and tolerance, all of which are carved forever in my mind.

The pictures included in the video are taken from the following projects:

Lead the Way (Grundtvig Programme, Netherlands, 2011)

This was A 5 day workshop held in Utrecht in February of 2011. It was supported by the Grundtvig Life Long Learning programme of the European Commission and it revolved around personal development, emotional intelligence, arts and self-expression, self-directed learning, and coaching.

It was organized by Naomi den Besten (see video )

Crash Test Revised (Grundtvig Programme, Greece, 2010)

This was a 6 day workshop on conflict management. The participants were adult learners from different, economic, social and cultural backgrounds, who have experienced conflict in different settings i.e. family, community, job etc. There were also NGO volunteers and trainers on lifelong learning education (direct target group). The project aimed at providing the participants with the essential knowledge and personal skills, so that they would be able to transfer the new skills in their life and act as multipliers in the broader community (indirect group).

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Youth Workers in Action (Youth in Action Programme (now Erasmus+), Romania, 2009)

This was a 7 day training course on different and similar approaches and realities of youth work and the different roles of youth workers within the Youth in Action Programme. The main aim was to discuss and share experiences from different and similar approaches and realities of youth work in different countries and to develop common understandings of youth work.

The organizer of the training course was: Asociatia Tinerilor din Judetul Covasna HARIT.

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Eco-Creative Minds (Youth in Action Programme, Italy, 2009)

This was a 10 day Youth Exchange on environmental awareness and eco-sustainability where 36 young people lived, learned and interacted together in a 100% eco-sustainable facility at the lake of Trasimeno, Umbria. Sports, outdoor activities, recycling, cooking and various interesting workshops took place (i.e. making soap out of used oil), all in the framework of respecting the environment by leaving the least possible carbon trace.

Organized by the NGO Joint.

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Initiatives for Anti-Discrimination (Youth in Action Programme, Bulgaria, 2008)

This was a 6 day training course which aimed to create a common platform for youth workers and youth leaders to develop their competences needed to organize and run European youth projects in Human Rights Education. The training course took place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The organizer was People To People International NGO.

With the hope of inspiring more young people to participate in such events and fill their lives with memorable experiences…