Youth policy evaluation review

For over 20 years, the partnership between the European Union and the Council of Europe in the field of youth has been gathering, analysing and disseminating knowledge for better youth policy and practice. Based on the principle of promoting knowledge-based youth policy and taking into account the benefits of youth policy evaluation, this review aims at supporting those involved at various levels in evaluating youth policy to enhance its relevance, effectiveness and impact. The lessons learned from the monitoring and evaluation of youth policy are extremely valuable to decision makers as they work to develop agile and adequate policy proposals to address young people’s needs.

In 2019, the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy correspondents contributed to showing how youth policy evaluation happens across 30 countries in Europe, what positive approaches exist and how young people are involved in such processes. The resulting review is the first publication in the youth sector on this topic. It seeks to answer the following questions.

What are the key concepts and steps in the youth policy monitoring and evaluation cycle, and how are young people involved?

What is the real situation at national level?

What good practice can be shared to inspire further initiatives?

What are the strengths of investing in youth policy monitoring and evaluation?

How can they contribute to promoting better understanding and a better impact of such policies in young people’s lives?