Human rights education - Coyote - Issue # 9

Pip Wilson continues our series on Spirituality in Training in his own inimitable style; by talking about his personal mission statement and the dance floor of life, he encourages us to think about spirituality as a part of whole person development: Not something separate but something which is linked to the realities and for many young people, the hardships, of life.

Within the Coyote theme of Human Rights Education; Jana Tikalova’s article helps us to consider the links between training in Human Rights and actually living them. She shares some of her frustrations and her resolve not to be overcome with “fatigue”, and she reminds us that trainers have rights too.

Also within the theme section, we read of the commitment of a group in Italy to making Human Rights Education more accessible by translating Compass into Italian. If you are not familiar with Compass as resource for HRE then take a look at the interactive and multilingual version at It is full of practical exercises and essential background reading – and it will be useful not just in specialist HRE programmes. The theme section also contains two practical methodologies for HRE which, due to lack of space were not included in Compass.