Getting there...

In 2011 the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth organised, in co-operation with Jugend für Europa and the SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre, a symposium on recognition of youth work and non-formal learning. Participants of the symposium discussed the strategic working paper "Pathways 2.0 – towards recognition of non-formal learning/education and of youth work in Europe" and adopted a final statement which summarised the discussions in the symposium. They also elaborated on proposals for concrete follow-up activities and charged an expert group to transform these into a plan of action. All three documents – the Pathways 2.0 paper, the statement by the symposium’s participants and the Plan of Action – are contained in this publication. It aims to create a decentralised process for the implementation of actions leading to a better social, political and formal recognition of youth work and of non-formal learning/education in the youth field.