Back 1st European Youth Work Convention - Coyote - Extra

Hello readers!

Coyote is now over 10 years old! (Yes, even older than SALTO!) So we thought it was about time to have a rethink about the nature of the magazine and the invitation from the Belgian Presidency of the EU’s Youthwork Convention in Ghent gave us the ideal excuse to make some changes and try out new ways of working.

Coyote continues to reflect the priorities of the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth and these overlap nicely with those of the Belgian Presidency. It is therefore a great pleasure to prepare this special edition and encourage all stakeholders to reflect on the place and places of youth work as we look forward to this new decade and what we might achieve with young people in the future!

Making this edition for the Convention means that we have the opportunity to encourage readers coming to Ghent and all over Europe to engage with the important issues facing the youth work field today. We are assisted in this also by looking, backwards at some of our recently-discovered youth work history which puts new light on our roots. Instead of the usual question ‘where do you stand?’, this Coyote is aiming for us all to ask ourselves ‘where do I stand now?’, what does this all mean for me and my connections in youth work? Several of the articles are designed to be interactive, to help Convention participants to prepare themselves as they arrive. You will even find some suggestions of how to get the best out of the city.

Major themes of the Convention are introduced in a variety of lively ways. So, get out your pen and place yourself in the fi eld, use the mind map to work out your links, think about where to put your youth policy potatoes!

With the Convention, the Belgian Presidency aims to put youth work firmly on the political agenda in Europe, to encourage real synergies with everyone involved – and this includes youth workers and youth leaders, researchers and policy makers. Certainly, the work ahead cannot be completed alone!