Guide on Article 17 of the European Convention on Human Rights 

 Serbian version (PDF 2.61 Mb)

Media regulatory authorities and media pluralism 

 English version (PDF 1.45 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 5.33 Mb)

 Macedonian version (PDF 2.34 Mb)

Study on political advertising

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.07 Mb)

Freedom of expression in times of crisis

 Macedonian version (PDF 327 Kb)

Picture book about the media

 Serbian version (PDF 2 009 Kb)

Guide on protection of journalists

 Serbian version (PDF 1 536 Kb)

How parents can support children in the world of media

 Serbian version (PDF 302 Kb)

Workshop: Optical toys

 Serbian version (PDF 732 Kb)

Gender equality and freedom of expression in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 English version (PDF 2 659 Kb)

Pluralism of media ownership in the new media environment 

 English version (PDF 3 701 Kb)

 Macedonian version (PDF 4 327 Kb)

Disinformation and electoral campaign

 Macedonian version (PDF 6 810 Kb)