Study on Gender Equality in the Judiciary in Montenegro 

 English version (PDF 1.46 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.38 Mb)

European Human Rights Law 

 Serbian version (1.96 Mb)

Informative brochure on the work of notaries, bailiffs, court experts and court interpreters 

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.64 Mb)

Information sheet on Protocol No. 15 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 

 Montenegrin version (1.06 Mb)

Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Reform of the Judiciary for 2021/2022 

 English version (PDF 1.05 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.06 Mb)

A comparative study on legislation and practice regarding arrest, custody and pre-trial detention in selected Council of Europe member states

 English version (PDF 15.1 Mb)

 Turkish version (PDF 17.4 Mb)

Guidelines on ethical usage of social media by judges and public prosecutors

 Serbian version (PDF 21.1 Mb)

Full respect of decisions and the work of the judiciary by public officials and civil servants – international standards

 Serbian version (PDF 3.00 Mb)

Procedural rights of persons deprived of liberty in non-criminal proceedings: European standards and their application during the COVID-19 pandemic 

 English version (PDF 1.36 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.30 Mb)

Guidelines on preventing undue influence on judges 

 Serbian version (PDF 624 Kb)

Analysis of comparative practices in selected Council of Europe member states regarding criteria for assessing the complexity of cases in relation to the work of public prosecutors 

 English version (PDF 3.57 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 3.58 Mb)

Protocol for support services for witnesses and victims of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence

 English version (PDF 900 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 844 Kb)

Handbook for police and prosecution on conducting effective investigations in the cases of ill-treatment

 English version (PDF 544 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.50 Mb)

Needs assessment of the process of the execution of the ECTHR judgments in Serbia

 English version (PDF 588 Kb)

 Serbian version (PDF 1.30 Mb)

Bulletin of the Administrative Court of Montenegro

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.10 Mb)

Right to property in the context of Article 1 Protocol 1 to the European Convention on Human Rights

 English version (PDF 1.05 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.30 Mb)

Toolkit for legal practitioners on response to human rights violations during the extraordinary circumstances

 English version (PDF 932 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 848 Kb)

Manual on conducting effective investigations in the cases of ill-treatment 

 English version (PDF 914  Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1 542 Kb)

Guidelines for freedom of expression of judges 

 English version (PDF 292 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 328 Kb)

Guidelines on preventing undue influence on public prosecutors 

 Serbian version (PDF 656 Kb)

Code of Ethics of public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors of the Republic of Serbia 

 Serbian version (PDF 9.28 Mb)

Final report with recommendations for a system of confidential counselling for judges and prosecutors on ethical matters 

 English version (PDF 1.10 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 1.12 Mb)

Analysis on the required number of administrative staff in public prosecutor’s offices

 Serbian version (PDF 1.25Mb)

Brief guide on investigative interviewing

 Bosnian version (PDF 639 Kb)

Handbook for public bailiffs

 Montenegrin version (PDF 2 186 Kb)

Analysis on education of human rights at the faculties of law in Serbia

 English version (PDF 1.34 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 1.62 Mb)

Code of Ethics for Mediators

 Montenegrin version (PDF 955 Kb)

Code of Ethics for Notaries in Montenegro

 English version (PDF 420 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 492 Kb)

Information sheet for persons held in police custody - Montenegro

 version in 8 languages (PDF 16.2 Mb)

Instruction for conduct of police officers during the arrest and detention

 Montenegrin version (PDF 2.89 Mb)

Compilation of opinions and reports of the Venice Commission on the state of emergency

 Serbian version (PDF 583 Kb)

Organisation and management of health care in prisons

 Bosnian version (PDF 505 Kb)

Respecting democracy, rule of law and human rights in the framework of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis: A toolkit for member states 

 Bosnian version (PDF 307 Kb)

 Serbian version (PDF 453 Kb)

Code of Ethics of court interpreters and translators

 Montenegrin version (PDF 352 Kb)

Handbook on case-law of the ECHR in relation to Right of Property (Article 1 Protocol)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1 442 Kb)

Analysis on police conduct and fundamental safeguards in Montenegro

 English version (PDF 628 Kb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 588 Kb)