Students and academic staff in Podgorica and Bar discuss academic integrity issues

Podgorica, Bar 18 October 2018
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Students in Bar

Students in Bar

The Action Strengthen Integrity and Combat Corruption in Higher Education carries on the series of debates with students and academic staff on the topics tackled by the project. This time the Council of Europe expert, Prof. Dennis Farrington visited the University of Montenegro (16 October) and the private university “Adriatic” (17 October) to speak about the international experiences in fostering ethical principles in international and national academic settings. Around 120 participants attended the two events.


MONTENEGRO: students and academic staff in Podgorica and Bar discuss academic integrity issues

The topics such as main aspects of academic integrity, plagiarism, use of fake (predatory) academic journals for advancement, corrupt practices relating to student applications, grading, promotion, etc., as well as practices of nepotism and use of political connections were tackled by Prof. Farrington in his presentation and during the follow up discussions. Students were mostly interested in plagiarism and the most effective ways of detecting and avoiding it. They were encouraged to put forward initiatives which will promote ethical behavior in their learning environment.

The Action is co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe within the “Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey” and is implemented by the Council of Europe.