HELP online course on violence against women and domestic violence presented to the new generation of legal clinic students

21 September 2022 Montenegro

HELP online course on Violence against women and domestic violence was launched in the context of the human rights clinical education in Montenegro on 21 September 2022. The new generation of law students involved in the legal clinic will have a chance to attend the online course developed by the...

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Labour inspectors from North Macedonia enhance their knowledge on preventing discrimination and forced labour

26-28 September 2022 Gevgelija and Skopje

After two successful trainings with labour inspectors in June, the capacity building on preventing discrimination at the workplace and forced labour continued with 46 labour inspectors in Skopje and Gevgelija. The labour inspectors had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on the protection...

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Cascade training on whistle blower protection for Republika Srpska judges

28 - 29 September 2022 Teslic

Judges and prosecutors from Trebinje, Prijedor, Srebrenica, Bijeljina, Modriča, Višegrad and Banja Luka are participating in a two-day cascade training on whistle-blower protection and in relation to the protection of freedom of expression in the justice system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that...

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Albanian students visit the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights

29-30 September 2022 strasbourg

Upon successful completion of the Moot Court competition in Albania, six law students from the Luarasi University and the New York University of Tirana participated in a study visit to the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on 26 and 27 September 2022. The...

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Cascade training on hate speech for judges, prosecutors and police representatives of Republika Srpska

26 - 27 September 2022 Teslic

Cascade training on hate speech for the judges, prosecutors and police members of Republika Srpska, gathered participants from Banja Luka, Doboj, Kozarska Dubica, Trebinje and Višegrad. Training on criminal-law aspects of hate speech has been conducted through the discussion on international...

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Horizontal Facility II Regional Closing Conference demonstrates benefits for the people of Western Balkans and Türkiye

27 September 2022 Budva, Montenegro

Efforts of the authorities to reform the judiciary, fight economic crime, combat discrimination and promote the freedom of expression and the media, as well as to advance regional co-operation, are of crucial importance for improving the lives of people of the Western Balkans and Türkiye. The...

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Call for tenders: Purchase of consultancy services for development of the first phase of the Software for appointment of ex-officio lawyers for the Bar Association of North Macedonia

28 September 2022 North Macedonia

Within the framework of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”, the Council of Europe is currently implementing the action on Supporting enhanced access to higher quality free legal aid (FLA) services in North...

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Albanian prison service prepares to introduce a new programme for female offenders

23 September 2023 Albania

The reintegration programmes for female offenders in Albania will further improve through the introduction of a new treatment programme that will assist women in prison find a support at personal and social level. The programme was developed the Council of Europe’s consultants and it was...

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Albanian justice governing bodies discuss communication strategies and standards for increased transparency and communication with the media and public

14-15 September 2022 Albania

CEPEJ Guidelines on communication in the justice sector and key standards on safeguarding freedom of expression and media were in the focus of a seminar organised with twenty representatives of Albanian justice governing bodies. Mentored by two senior Council of Europe experts, the participants...

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French experience shared with Montenegrin counterparts

12 - 14 September 2022 Paris

Members of the national Ethics Committee and of ethical bodies in public and private universities of Montenegro visited Paris for an advanced training in ethics in higher education. The visit took place on 12-14 September 2022 and included a delegation of 10 individuals. IIEP-UNESCO...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Results of the “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019 - 2022” to be presented tomorrow

27 September 2022 Budva

The Regional Closing Conference of the joint programme of the European Union and Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019 - 2022” will take place on 27 - 28 September, in the Hotel Avala in Budva, Montenegro, starting from 09:30 CET. Opening remarks will be...

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Primary school children from Nis learned how to "Block the hatred. Share the love!”

23 September 2022 Nis

Children from the Primary School “Radoje Domanovic“ in Nis had an opportunity today to better understand the importance of countering hate speech, racism, and discrimination. They took part in a workshop organised as part of the joint campaign of the European Union and the Council of Europe,...

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Cascade training on defamation and Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, for lawyers of Republika Srpska

22 - 23 September 2022 Banja Luka

Lawyers from Banja Luka, Doboj, Prijedor, Bijeljina, Teslić, Gradiška, Laktaši and Mrkonjić Grad, participated at the two-days long cascade training on defamation, and strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPPs). The training was based on the presentation of the Council of Europe...

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Law enforcement agencies and civil society activists from Kosovo* and Albania advance exchange on countering hate crime’s practices

21-22 September 2022 Pristina

More than 20 representatives of law enforcement agencies and LGBTI activists from Kosovo and Albania during 21 and 22 of September gathered in Pristina for the second time, following the meeting organised on March in Tirana, to exchange on their respective practices in addressing hate crimes...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Workshop for primary school children "Block the hatred. Share the love!”

21 September 2022 Niš

A workshop for children aiming to explain to them the importance of countering hate speech, racism, and discrimination, will be held on Friday, 23 September, 2022, from 10.00 to 12.30, at the Primary School “Radoje Domanović“, Generala Milojka Lešjanina 49a, Niš. Within this event, that is a part...

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Civil society organisations receiving grants from the European Union and Council of Europe start activities to increase awareness on women’s access to justice in Türkiye

21 September 2022 Türkiye

Four civil society organisations (CSOs) - Soroptimist International of Turkey, the Foundation for Women’s Solidarity, The Association of Solidarity with Syrian Refugees in Izmir and Flying Broom Foundation- kicked off their activities targeting women and legal professionals in Türkiye to increase...

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Advancing de-radicalisation in prisons in North Macedonia by strengthening inter-institutional co-ordination

21-21 September 2022 North Macedonia

The activities of the EU and Council of Europe joint programme Horizontal Facility II that supported the local authorities in enhancing their capacities in addressing radicalisation in prisons and managing violent extremist prisoners (VEPs) in North Macedonia were completed last week. Namely, on...

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Finland hosts Albanian prison officials, sharing good practices on prisoners’ employment and rehabilitation

14-15 September 2022 FINLAND

As part of the ongoing efforts of the Albanian authorities to improve education and employment opportunities for prisoners in Albania, a study visit to Finland was organized on 14 and 15 September 2022. The purpose of the visit was to observe good practices concerning prisoners’ employment and...

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Belgrade hosts regional conference on combatting human trafficking for labour exploitation, victim testimonies heard

20 September 2022 Belgrade

At the regional conference in Belgrade that started today, the European Union and the Council of Europe stressed the importance of recognising risk factors for trafficking for labour exploitation and developing consistent prevention strategies. More than 100 participants from Bosnia and...

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How to improve inter-agency co-operation to support women’s access to justice

PRESS RELEASE: European Union/Council of Europe joint action on fostering women’s access to justice in Turkey

19 September 2022 DIYARBAKIR

Women and men do not have equal opportunities or conditions when they need to seek justice. Access to information and support mechanisms, as well as legal aid and assistance, play a vital role in eliminating obstacles for women and empowering them to exercise their rights as equal citizens....

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