Making a difference : Learning from each other, learning together

Zlatibor 26 November 2018
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Making a difference : Learning from each other, learning together

The purpose of education goes beyond the subjects students learn at school. It is important that students learn how to live in a society and understand the role they have in shaping their communities. Learning values, developing empathy and understanding is as important as learning subjects such as science, mathematics, language and history.

More than 100 teachers, school principals, pedagogues and psychologists shared their lessons learned and experiences during a 3-day event organised in Zlatibor on 23-25 November in the framework of the action on education “Fostering a democratic school culture in Serbia”. Representatives from the Ministry of Education and from the Institute for Improvement of Education participated in the event.

As a result of the project, 20 pilot schools changed traditional teaching practices and integrated Competences for Democratic Culture into their curricular and out of school activities.

The schools grew together during the project implementation and created strong connections. Children are now more aware, more involved, open and have shown to have the ability to think critically. Parents also understand better the benefits of the competences approach. The project also had a positive impact on the local communities as people are better connected with the schools.


SERBIA: Making a difference: Learning from each other, learning together