Impact of the Action on education presented at the final conference in Albania

Tirana 28 March 2019
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Impact of the Action on education presented at the final conference in Albania

The results and the impact of the Action “Fighting bullying and extremism in the education system in Albania” were presented at the final conference that took place on 26 March in Tirana, Albania.

Within 36 months of its successful implementation, the action has achieved many notable results such as the accreditation of the Teacher Training and School Support Programme in which more than 210 teachers were trained, development of the National Roadmap to guide policy-makers in preventing bullying which will be further integrated into the new National Strategy for the Pre-University Education and establishment of 21 November as the National Day against Bullying in School in Albania.

The findings from the impact study that assessed the effectiveness of the intervention in 21 schools in Albania which was carried out during the first trimester of this year confirmed the results by evidences provided by teachers, parents and students. 66% of the teachers revealed that the project had reduced bullying cases in their schools, 85% of them believed that it had raised awareness of bullying amongst students and school staff, 74% confirmed that project had raised the awareness of parents and 86% agreed that policy will continue to be implemented after the end of the project.

The beneficiaries of the project concluded that the project has set the ground for meaningful good practices and lessons learnt, experience which must be applied throughout the country. The findings communicate interest groups’ willingness and advocacy to fight bullying and this provides the opportunity for policy makers to restructure their approach towards the future of the education system in Albania.

The conference was attended by 100 representatives from the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, the Prime Minister Office, the Institute for Development of Education, Regional Education Directorates, 21 pilot schools, teachers, experts, partners and representatives from local and international organizations.

Fighting bullying and extremism in the education system in Albania” is a 36 months project, funded by the European Union and Council of Europe as part of the Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey, implemented by the Council of Europe.Bottom of Form