Back Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina take another step in becoming resource centres for democratic school culture

Sarajevo 28 August 2023
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Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina take another step in becoming resource centres for democratic school culture

The joint European Union/Council of Europe action “Quality education for all” continues to support schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina to become resource centres for democratic culture.

From 21 to 24 August, the action organised parallel activities for students as well as members of school management and pedagogical institutions to further develop their understanding of the Reference Framework of the Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) and define ways in which they will be incorporated in the education system and the school environment. Students and members of management from 9 schools as well as representatives of 4 pedagogical institutions took part in the activities which were organised in Sarajevo.

The students took part in lectures and workshops expanding their knowledge on democratic culture. Most of the sessions focused on the methodology as well as practical aspects related to establishing clubs for critical thinking and values that, as Vedad Babanović, student of Primary school from Travnik, explains “encourage students to socialise and, in this way, gets them involved in extracurricular activities.”

Marija Hrkać from the Gymnasium in Mostar added that “the creation of this club can help us express freely what we are interested in, to talk about what we like with people who will hear us out”. During the Summer school, students also had a chance to visit the Trebević mountain where they learned about the history and geography of the Sarajevo region from guest lecturer and awarded teacher Vedran Zubić.

At the same time, members of school management and representatives of pedagogical institutions received an in-depth training where they had a chance to discuss the challenges related to the school environment and how the RFCDC can help improve democratic school culture. They presented and shared ideas which will be implemented in local school communities in the coming period and the training equipped them with tools for improving competences for democratic culture in their environments. “Through our activities, we will further develop competences and foster a democratic climate in the school environment”, stated Amna Avdić, director of the secondary school in Čelić.

The action “Quality education for all” is part of the joint European Union and Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye”.