Anti-rumour kite contest launched in Amadora, Portugal

Amadora, Portugal 4 March 2014
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Anti-rumour kite contest launched in Amadora, Portugal

As part of the campaign “Do not Feed the Rumor!” launched by Amadora’s City Council in September 2014, the city has set up a kite contest for all primary and secondary schools. The contest is held between 2 March and 30 April 2015. The results will be presented to the public on May 21 (World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development).

The contest aims to promote the appreciation of cultural diversity and social cohesion; to contribute to the deconstruction of stereotypes, prejudices, discriminatory attitudes and rumors about immigrants; and to encourage creativity and imagination in learning and reflection on interculturality and immigrant integration.

After a series of awareness-raising campaigns, including a video featuring judo expert Nuno Delgado, actress Carla Chambel, singer Ana Bacalhau and journalist Joaquim Franco, Amadora intends, through the kite contest, to reach out to younger generations who make a difference as anti-rumor agents.

Amadora “Do not Feed the Rumor!”  facebook:

More information about the competition (Portuguese)
Enrollment form (Portuguse)

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