Podrška institucijama Bosne i Hercegovine u unapređenju ljudskih prava LGBTI osoba u skladu sa evropskim standardima

28. novembar 2023. godine Bosna i Hercegovina

Vijeće ministara Bosne i Hercegovine je na 54. sjednici, održanoj 27. jula 2022. godine, na prijedlog Ministarstva za ljudska prava i izbjeglice Bosne i Hercegovine usvojilo Akcioni plan za unapređenje stanja ljudskih prava i osnovnih sloboda LGBTI osoba u Bosni i Hercegovini za period 2021-2023....

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European Union and Council of Europe supporting women’s access to justice in Türkiye: International conference held in Ankara

27 November 2023 Ankara

An international conference in Ankara on 27 November brought together key representatives of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, the Presidents of eight local bar associations (from Adıyaman, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Sinop, Bilecik, Bursa, Tunceli) and representatives of the Council of...

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Empowering media pluralism: Key media actors in Serbia chart a course for the study of information disorder

27 November 2023 Belgrade

Through the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, the key media actors in Serbia discussed and provided inputs to the future research on information disorder, as a part of their efforts to to enhance information pluralism, counter disinformation, and safeguard the principles of...

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Social media literacy in schools discussed in Podgorica

27 November 2023 Podgorica

Around 30 teachers came together for a course on "Social media literacy as a key competence of democratic citizenship in schools" held on 25 November 2023 in Podgorica. The course aimed to address the critical role of social media literacy and how competences for democratic culture might...

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The National Commission on the fight against trafficking in North Macedonia and its Sub-group on child protection enhance their strategic planning

22 November 2023 Skopje

The National Commission on the fight against trafficking in human beings in North Macedonia and its Sub-group on child trafficking prevention successfully completed the preparation of their respective action and operational plans. It is expected that they will enhance compliance with the...

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Institutions of Montenegro send a strong message of zero tolerance of all forms of ill-treatment and impunity

23 November 2023 Budva

A roundtable, organised under the action “Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons”, convened in Budva on 22 – 23 November, gathered key investigating bodies in Montenegro to identify systemic shortcomings and collaboratively explore optimal solutions for the...

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Belgian best practices for a sustainable management of shelters for victims of human trafficking shared with the anti-trafficking actors in North Macedonia

20-22 November 2023 Belgium

Providing shelter and psycho-social services to victims of human trafficking is a key to their mental stabilisation and successful resocialisation. The Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) in its third monitoring report on North Macedonia tackled the challenges...

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IT equipment provided to Serbian institutions and civil society organisation for combating trafficking in human beings

23 November 2023 Belgrade

The joint European Union/Council of Europe action “Strengthening anti-trafficking action in Serbia” donated laptops, computers, and printers to the National Anti-trafficking Co-ordination Office (Ministry of the Interior), National Rapporteur on trafficking in human beings (Ombudsperson office),...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: International conference on fostering women’s access to justice in Türkiye

21 November 2023 Ankara

An “International conference on women’s access to justice in Türkiye” will take place at the Av. Özdemir Özok Convention and Cultural Centre of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations in Ankara (Oğuzlar Mahallesi Barış Manço Caddesi Av. Özdemir Özok Sokak No:8 06520 Balgat/Çankaya) from 09:30 on...

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60th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia marked in Belgrade

16 November 2023 Belgrade

The joint European Union and Council of Europe action "Strengthening human rights protection in Serbia" supported the Constitutional Court in marking 60 years of its work. More than 100 participants, including representatives from constitutional courts across Europe, judge of the European Court...

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From legislation to practice: Study of Serbia's Regulatory Authority legal framework and its alignment with European standards, published in Serbian and English language

20 November 2023 Belgrade

Through the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media in Serbia (REM) was provided with analysis of the requirements of the Audio-visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), and emerging EU legislation such as the Digital Services Act and...

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Rehabilitation of violent extremist prisoners: practitioners from Western Balkans learn from the experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

14-15 November 2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the ministries of justice and prison administrations from Albania, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia visited the High Security State Prison and the Centre for Social Welfare - Municipality Jajce in Bosnia and Herzegovina to exchange good practices in preparation...

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Non-governmental Organisations in the Western Balkans gather to address women’s access to justice, in line with European standards

17 November 2023 Western Balkans

Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) from the Western Balkans joined the Council of Europe teams working on gender equality, anti-discrimination, children’s rights and civil society to identify strategic areas and methods for local NGOs to interact with legal professionals on tackling barriers...

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A new cycle of the HELP course on anti-discrimination with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in North Macedonia succesfully completed

17 November 2023 North Macedonia

After the success of the three HELP courses on anti-discrimination with lawyers and legal professionals and one HELP course on anti-discrimination with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in both phases, the joint EU and Council of Europe Action Combating Hatred and Intolerance in North...

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Improving court’s performance through user satisfaction surveys: new online system launched in Vlora

17 November 2023 Vlorë, Albania

Court users in Vlora will now have the possibility to evaluate the quality and efficiency of Courts’ performance, based on their individual experiences. A web-based court user satisfaction system was presented today to key representatives from the justice institutions, civil society and media, in...

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Croatian best practices on anti-discrimination shared with the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination

13-15 November 2023 Zagreb

Representatives from the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination met their counterparts in Republic of Croatia in a study visit which aimed to share experiences and learn more about their approach regarding prevention and protection against discrimination. The meetings...

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Call for Tenders: Purchase of local consultancy services in the field of freedom of expression and of the media in Albania

16 November 2023 Albania

In the framework of the European Union/Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye” (Horizontal Facility III), the Council of Europe is currently implementing the action on “Protecting freedom of expression and of the media in Albania” (PRO-FREX). In that context,...

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Predstavnici i predstavnice tužilaštava i policijskih snaga u Bosni i Hercegovini educirani o standardima zaštite od govora mržnje

15. i 16. novembar 2023. godine Mostar

38 predstavnika i predstavnica tužilaštava i policije iz cijele Bosne i Hercegovine (BiH), educirano je o pravnim standardima zaštite od govora mrže. Kroz prezentaciju sudske prakse Evropskog suda za ljudska prava, te kroz analizu slučaja, učesnici i učesnice seminara dobili su priliku da...

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Navigating the intersection of data protection and freedom of expression: European Court of Human Rights’ Case-Law Guide on Data Protection, now available in Serbian

16 November 2023 Serbia

Through the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, the Guide to the European Court of Human Rights' Case-Law on Data Protection is made available in Serbian language, providing insight into data protection standards. The cited case-law has been selected among the leading, major,...

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Workshops on the role and responsibilities of the Protector of Citizens of Serbia, for representatives of Roma non-governmental organisations and institutions at the local level

15 November 2023 Serbia

In the period from 25 October to 8 November 2023, five workshops on the role and competences of the Protector of Citizens of Serbia were held in Vranje, Bujanovac, Kragujevac, Niš and Leskovac. This initiative is part of the joint European Union and the Council of Europe action “Combating...

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