5th and Final Workshop on Qualification Standards

Sarajevo 11-12 December 2014
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The fifth and final workshop for qualification and occupational standards development was held 11-12 December 2014 in Sarajevo. Working group members were joined by observer guest representatives joined the meeting from ministries, employers, the project Steering Board and a new qualifications framework 'general level' project. The five working groups presented the results of their interim meetings that took place between September and December 2014 where groups where tasked with continuing to finalize their work and comment on and analyzes the output of other groups.

 The five working groups finalized their respective Qualifications and Occupational Standards; considering the constructive written comments made by other working groups on their own output(s); and the written and verbal comments of the Council of Europe experts. However, it was stressed that their work was not done - the next challenge was in the finalization, testing and implementation of their good work.

The next steps for the project were indicated and include the development of suitable Guidelines and Recommendation for the development of Qualifications and Occupational Standards. These guidelines would address their use by the quality assurance agency, higher education institutions, ENIC-NARIC and other stakeholders. As well as the Training of trainers for further development and use of Qualifications Standards (QS) and Occupational Standards (OS) in BiH.The training would be organized as one week (5 working days) intensive hands on training with testing at the end resulting in certificates. The training would be delivered by 2 international experts.