The training kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers. They are easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions. T-Kits are produced in English. Some of them are also available in French or German.

Translations into other languages

The EU-CoE youth partnership Programme encourages but does NOT fund translations into other languages. T-Kits in other languages have been published following national initiatives, mostly funded by the National Agencies of the YOUTH programme.

Please contact the Partnership Secretariat if you are interested in translating one or more issues of the series or would like to learn about ongoing translation projects.
Note: The PDF version should be send to the webmaster.

T-kit 12 - Youth transforming conflict

T-kit 12 on youth transforming conflict

T-kit 10 - Educational Evaluation in Youth Work

Comprehensive overview of Educational Evaluation in Youth Work.

T-kit 8 - Social Inclusion

For trainers and youth workers committed to work for the inclusion of all.

T-kit 6 - Training Essentials

All you need to know about Training

T-kit 4 - Intercultural learning

For trainers and other youth dealing with intercultural issues.

T-kit 2 - Methodology in Language Learning

Training kit for trainers, language teachers, and language facilitators published by the Eu-CoE...

T-kit 11 - Mosaic : The training kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work

T-kit 11 "Mosaic : The training kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work"

T-kit 9 - Funding and financial management

Comprehensive overview of funding sources and financial and relationship management

T-kit 7 - Under Construction Citizenship, Youth and Europe

Reflections and exercises about the evolving concept of European Citizenship.

T-kit 5 - International voluntary service

For trainers and young people interested and/or involved in international voluntary service...

T-kit 3 - Project management

For trainers, youth workers running projects.

T-kit 1 - Organisational management

Training kit on organisational management for trainers, staff and committee members of...
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Coyote is a magazine about important issues in and around youth work in Europe and beyond published by the EU-CoE youth partnership.

Youth Knowledge Books

The youth knowledge books are the outcome of research seminars and expert workshops on priority topics of the EU-CoE youth partnership.

Perspectives on youth

Perspectives on youth is a new series on youth policy, research and practice supported by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership, moving forward debates on youth and having a European/ international relevance

ATTE Series

Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe (ATTE) is a part-time programme for trainers active in training youth multipliers. ATTE was implemented successfully as a pilot course from November 2001 to...