The EU-CoE youth partnership organises various activities (thematic research seminars, expert workshops, European Network of Experts on Youth Knowledge) with a view to enhancing evidence-based youth policy and practice and by encouraging ongoing discussion among people involved in youth work, policy-makers and researchers.

On this page you will find studies or reports produced/funded by partners and other institutions on key themes of relevance to young people in Europe, as defined by the Council of Europe and/or the European Commission.

You are welcome to propose the addition of a document to this non-exhaustive list: upload it to the EKCYP document library after you have registered as a user of our website : registering

Better understanding of Youth Better understanding of Youth
  • Quarterly Report – National Youth Monitor – Young people in a European perspective
  • The Youth Policy Cooperation between Turkey and Sweden : Strengthen the rights of young people! – Summaries from three seminars on the theme Awareness of provided social services and rights for young people within the project Youth Policy Cooperation between Turkey and Sweden
Diversity Diversity
Employment Employment
  • YOUNEX Project: Youth, Unemployment, and Exclusion in Europe: A multidimensional approach to understanding the conditions and prospects for social and political integration of young unemployed
  • Possibilities and opportunities-Best practices for young people on the labour market from Turkey and Sweden
Information Information
  • How boys and girls in Europe are finding their way with information and communication technology
Health / well-being / living conditions Health / well-being / living conditions
  • Doing Better for Children – OECD 2009
  • YIPPIE Project: Young people from a public care background: pathways to education in Europe.
  • You get what you ask for- – Using surveys to learn about young people. Compendium presenting a method and important starting points for gathering knowledge about the living conditions of young people in Turkey and Sweden.
Social cohesion and inclusion Social cohesion and inclusion
Related publications Related publications