Supporting the role of local government on the treatment of property registration processes

11 April 2024 Albania

A series of three outreach monitoring activities were held, in the Municipalities of Librazhd (28 March) , Berat (3 April) and Malësi e Madhe (9 April), to collect data on the involvement of local government institutions in handling remaining key issues in property registration. Representatives...

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Montenegro: Beneficiaries Steering Committee approves a plan for the Freedom of Expression action in Montenegro

5 April 2024 Podgorica

The action “Protection of the freedom of expression and of the media in Montenegro (PRO-FREX)” held its Second Beneficiary Steering Committee in Podgorica on 5 April. In the light of recent expert support, by providing a Legal Opinion on three main laws regulating media in Montenegro, as well as...

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Strengthening the protection of journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

3 - 4 April 2024 Neum

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are often used by the political and economic power holders as means of pressuring journalists. This and other common threats against journalists and how to address them were among the issues discussed at the two-day workshop in Neum. The...

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Steps taken towards enhanced application of the human rights standards in the work of the Constitutional courts

28 - 29 March 2024 Podgorica

Advisers and judges of constitutional courts from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia participated at the regional working meeting to exchange experience and knowledge on the application of relevant human rights standards in their daily work. As the ultimate protector of human...

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Curricula working group of the State Institute for Education Improvement continues connecting Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture with national curricula in Serbia

26 – 28 March 2024 Vrdnik

In order to enhance the quality education for all and further align the formal education system of Serbia with democratic values, a dedicated task force successfully continued the process initiated with the national Guidelines, developed with the support of the European Union and the Council of...

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Empowering Legal Professionals from North Macedonia to safeguard journalists and freedom of expression

29 March 2024 Gevgelija

To uphold the principles of freedom of expression and protection of journalists, a capacity-building initiative was organised in Gevgelija gathering legal professionals from various backgrounds including judges, prosecutors, and lawyers. They worked together during the three-day training course...

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Law students in North Macedonia increase their knowledge on legal aid in criminal proceedings

27 March 2024 Skopje

In an effort to deepen students' understanding of legal aid in criminal proceedings, a lecture was held at the Legal Clinic for criminal law, located within the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus" in Skopje, North Macedonia. 19 law students discussed and explored the crucial aspects of legal aid...

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Lawyers and legal professionals complete the HELP course on Combating Hate Speech and Hate Crime in Macedonian Language

26 MARCH 2024 Skopje

43 lawyers and legal professionals from North Macedonia successfully completed the HELP course on combating hate speech and hate crime in Macedonian language. The translated HELP course in Macedonian language on combating hate speech and hate crime was launched for the first time last year in...

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Albanian prison directors enhance their leadership and prison management skills

20 March 2024 Tirana

On 18-20 March, 20 prison Directors representing all the Albanian penitentiary institutions, attended a leadership and prison management training delivered by two Council of Europe international consultants and the Head of the Albanian Training Centre for prison staff. The training combined...

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İstanbul Barosu üyesi avukatlar “Göç Bağlamında İdari Gözetim” konusunda bilgilerini artırdı

24 Mart 2024 İSTANBUL

İstanbul Barosu'ndan 20 avukat, Türkiye Barolar Birliği ile iş birliği içerisinde “Türkiye’de Göç Bağlamında İnsan Haklarının Korunmasının Güçlendirilmesi” konulu Avrupa Birliği - Avrupa Konseyi Ortak Projesi kapsamında düzenlenen "Göç Bağlamında İdari Gözetim" konulu iki günlük eğitimi...

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The role of legal clinics for providing primary legal aid for victims of crimes and gender-based violence discussed at the National Co-ordination Body meeting

20 March 2024 Skopje

The 14th meeting of the National Co-ordination Body for the implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid in North Macedonia, gathered in Skopje on 20 March to discuss the progress and important challenges regarding the implementation of free legal aid system in North Macedonia. Organised in the...

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The regional platform of Equality bodies continues the work to address hate speech in Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans

21-22 March 2024 Western Balkans (online)

An online event was held focusing on fostering collaboration and exchange knowledge, common challenges and good practices between Equality bodies from the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership regions, to address hate speech. This event, is a continuation to the equality bodies platform...

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Roundtable on prevention of ill-treatment by police officers and effective investigations in this respect

19 March 2024 Belgrade

A roundtable focusing on execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in relation to Serbia concerning ill-treatment in police custody and ineffective investigations into such allegations (Stanimirović v. Serbia group) took place on 19 March in Belgrade. Consultations...

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European Union and Council of Europe further support authorities of Montenegro in fulfilling the interim benchmarks on justice reform and victims protection

12 March 2024 Podgorica

The third Steering Committee Meeting of the joint European Union and Council of Europe action "Strengthening accountability of the judicial system and enhancing protection of victims' rights in Montenegro", took place in Podgorica. The meeting brought together key stakeholders and local actors...

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Discrimination patterns in Serbia – discussion on the results of the discrimination surveys

20 March 2024 Belgrade

A discussion on discrimination patterns in Serbia, by observing the latest trends presented in the national discrimination surveys’ reports took place in Belgrade. The event brought together representatives of public institutions, equality bodies, as well as civil society representatives, media,...

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Building a safer environment for media professionals

21 March 2024 Pristina

Keeping journalists safe is key to a free press! Therefore, a group of thirty journalists from various media outlets gathered in Pristina for a specialised training focused on their safety. Thanks to expert insights, including those from the European Court of Human Rights, these media...

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Schools and pedagogical institutions working together on establishing resource centers for democratic school culture

29 February 2024 Banja Luka

The final joint capacity building session for representatives of pedagogical institutions and pilot schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) who are part of the first cycle of the development of resource centers for democratic school culture took place on 29 February 2024 in Banja Luka. The...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Attitudes of citizens and of representatives of public authorities towards discrimination in Serbia in focus of an event on Wednesday in Belgrade

19 March 2024 Belgrade

Presentation of the reports “Attitudes of citizens towards discrimination in Serbia” and “Attitudes of the representatives of public authorities towards discrimination in Serbia”, prepared with the support of the joint European Union and the Council of Europe action "Combating discrimination and...

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Advancing regional co-operation to bring forward equality reforms for the protection of LGBTI community

12-13 March 2024 Podgorica, Montenegro

A regional peer exchange on tackling equality reforms and focusing on the protection of LGBTI persons, took place in Podgorica, Montenegro. Following the regional LGBTI conference on “Addressing the rising anti-gender movement” organised in Pristina“ in November 2023, the two-day event organised...

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Strengthening data protection standards in Serbia

18 March 2024 Belgrade

The intrinsic link between data protection and freedom of expression is encapsulated in the Article 85 of the General Data Protection Regulation "Processing and freedom of expression and information". This provision mandates the EU Member States to navigate the delicate balance between the...

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