Geri Ensuring quality education for all

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photo by: Elementary school

photo by: Elementary school "Mića Stanojlović", Koceljeva, Serbia

Ensuring quality education for all means investing into the future and nurturing a more just, equal, and prosperous society. The European Union and the Council of Europe have been supporting authorities, civil society organisations, local communities, schools, students, and their parents in establishing and nurturing more inclusive environment in schools, free of discrimination, where democratic culture and education for democratic citizenship are at the heart of school programmes.

Aiming to strengthen the commitment to implement education policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the study visit was organised for representatives of main authorities in charge of education, who visited Strasbourg and took part in the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy.

A roundtable on “Inclusive Day” (11 October) was held in Montenegro. It aimed to shed light on the importance of quality education accessible to all learners, regardless of their backgrounds. The discussions emphasised the role of education in achieving social justice, challenging prejudices, and dispelling stereotypes.

For the seventh year in a row, project schools across Serbia marked the Days of education for democratic culture. This unique event was established in the first phase of Horizontal Facility programme and its aim is to point out the importance of fostering a democratic school culture. With the active participation of 36 mentor schools, the celebrations unfolded through a diverse array of activities, bringing students, local communities, parents, and other local schools together.

In today's world, children and adolescents are highly engaged with digital technology, both for leisure and for educational purposes. To use it responsibly for communication, learning and entertainment, they must acquire a diverse set of skills combined with values, attitudes and critical knowledge. The “Project on digital citizenship education in Türkiye” gathered around 120 participants from Türkiye and abroad to inform them about the implementation of digital citizenship education in Türkiye.