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Current debates consider three principles as key when developing strategies and priorities of youth policy: they must be participatory, cross-sectoral and knowledge-based.

There is no common understanding what cross-sectoral youth policy is or should be: therefore the EU-CoE youth partnership contributes to overcoming the lack of knowledge of the gaps and overlaps in cross-sectoral youth policy all over Europe and provides an overview of existing information on cross-sectoral policy co-operation... (more...)

A greater understanding and knowledge of youth is of paramount importance for policy making in the youth field – in order to meet the needs and expectations of young people, policies should be based on comprehensive knowledge and well-researched understanding of young people's situation, needs and expectations… (more...)

Defining Youth in Contemporary National Legal and Policy Frameworks across Europe

Analytical paper prepared by Bojana Perovic, EKCYP correspondent

Summary report (2012) of EKCYP correspondents contributions on a better knowledge of youth

This Summary Report aims to provide an overview of the trends and patterns related to better knowledge on youth across Europe, and reflects the current challenges linked to promotion and support of evidence based youth policy.

Country information provided by the EKCYP correspondents

Youth in 2020

The conference discussed trends and challenges in the youth field in Europe and their possible implications for European youth policy, youth work and research.

  • Conference report

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Youth Knowledge Books 

The youth knowledge books are the outcome of research seminars and expert workshops on priority topics of the EU-CoE youth partnership. Youth knowledge books are produced in English only. Translations in other languages are encouraged.