Marti Taru, Filip Coussée and Howard Williamson (eds.)

Council of Europe, 2014. 978-92-871-7736-0

Since 2008, the European Union-Council of Europe youth partnership has regularly organised debates and discussions of the history of youth work policy and practice in various countries in Europe, in co-operation with its partners. The results have been published in three volumes of the Youth Knowledge Series.

Volume 4 of the History of youth work in Europe, edited by Marti Taru, Filip Coussée and Howard Williamson, covers the 2011 workshop in Tallinn, which was co-organised by the Estonian authorities with the support of Finnish and Flemish partners, and sums up the discussions in the previous three volumes.

Discussions on the history of youth work will continue, and will thematically build on the earlier events and findings: what is the identity of youth work? Where is youth work placed between private and public spaces? Where is the balance between autonomy and dependencies? Where is youth work going?

Readers are invited to actively contribute to these reflections.

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