Back What's going on?! - Coyote - Issue # 19

Hello readers!

After a number of editions of Coyote devoted to single (if very wide) issues, we took the decision to look around and find out what is going on in the hearts, minds, structures and activities in the youth field these days. So we took the title of Marvin Gaye’s song as our title, stretched our brains and spread the net wide.

You can find all sorts of insights and questions and inspiration for thinking and acting in a range of articles brought to you by activists, youth workers, researchers, policy makers, trainers and magical people. Our thanks to them for helping us to bring you topics such as:

  • Impressions about what do others think we do?
  • How do young people and youth work react to crisis?
  • What comes after Spring?
  • Where’s my job (gone)?
  • What are youth organisations doing for human rights?
  • Can we change our language to respect perspectives on gender?
  • Where does peace work fit in a violent world?
  • What happens to young people when their families fail them?