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Hello readers!

If you’re reading this edition on paper that means you’ve printed it yourself. Welcome to the new online-only edition. We are experimenting with the possibilities this time and you will see that this edition is more active, with links to sounds and sites. Please let us know what your reactions are to this change, including what we can do to make Coyote more interactive.

Our team attended the Zagreb symposium “Youth policy co-operation in South-East Europe: the role of information and counselling in fostering young people’s social inclusion and access to their rights”, which gave us the chance to meet many passionate advocators and practitioners in the field of youth information and counselling. As Morana Makovec (Head of department for youth policies in the Croatian Ministry of Social Policy and Youth), one of the main organisers, told me that in addition to learning about new tools for their regional information centres, she was hoping one of the main messages coming from the event would be: “Information for all with the same standards and the same opportunities.”

So contributions here really dive into the issues:

  • How do national policies support youth information?
  • What role does it play in setting up a Youth Capital of Europe?
  • How do young people inform each other?
  • What tools are available to develop the competences necessary to provide youth information and counselling – and what kind of professional profile is necessary?
  • Where do regional SALTOs focus their efforts?
  • How does working on a oneto-one basis help facilitate the transfer and use of information?

In addition, being in Zagreb, we could not help but stumble upon the Museum of Broken Relationships which led us into an affectionate look at what the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth has meant for different actors over the years.