Back Learning mobility: Opportunities for all? - Coyote - Issue # 24

Hello readers!

Spiffy titles abound in the youth world: the European Platform on Learning Mobility1 is one of the best!

Coyote’s editorial team had the honour to be present at the platform’s second conference "Learning

mobility in the youth field: towards opportunities for all – Evidence, experience, discourse".2 Held in

Istanbul, there was a good chance that the venue would inspire all to get into serious debate. And it did.

We took the opportunity with both hands, seeing where everyone stands or doesn’t… Got into that triangle again, trying to see where we could make sense and pushing the boundaries of non-sense!

As you can probably tell already, a certain poetic sensibility influences this issue – maybe it helps reach parts of understanding that others cannot. Clearly, Daniel Briggs’ contribution is the most blatant example; look closely and there are passages in articles which jump out from the page. And we continue our experiments with form, for example, an article written as three mind maps and another as a straight story.

We have encouraged authors to go that little step further, to challenge themselves and some of the concepts outlined in the conference. How can we measure what is learned during mobility experiences? What gets in the way when we try to talk about inclusion and just who is being included and how? Do systems and programmes match individual situations? In what ways can business representatives and educators explain learning mobility to each other? What is it possible to learn when your mobility is not voluntary but forced as Habib analyses from his own search for asylum?

Going back to our roots, Coyote started life as a magazine about training and trainers in youth work, so we felt it crucial to hear from an initiative to form an international guild of trainers. What will be their impact on the future practice of learning mobility? Coyote will be watching to see!