Developed by: Socius (support centre for adult work), Steunpunt Jeugd, De Ambrassade (support centre for youth work) and the Flemish Government, Belgium

Type of the tool/practice: Assessment tool, Certificate/Attestation, Portfolio, Website/Platform/Blog

Recognition dimensions addressed by the tool/practices: Self-recognition, Social recognition

Level of influence of your tool/practice: Organisational, Local/Regional, National

Target group(s) for the tool/practice:
The main target groups of Oscar are young people and adults who are participating or volunteering in youth work or adult work by following a course or doing a task/function in a youth or adult organisation.

Short description:
Oscar is an online portfolio tool for the identification of competences gained in youth work and adult education in Flanders, Belgium. Oscar is an easy-to-access web-based platform where organisations can generate ‘competence documents’ for the participants of their courses. In order to work with Oscar the organisations should pass an introductory training and receive the user’s manual. The participants/volunteers can create their personal parts in the platform where they can store their ‘competence documents’ received in various activities and engagements.

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Contact details:
Contact person: Toon Vanotterdijk, e-mail: toon.vanotterdijk@ambrassade.be

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