Keys for Life - Personal Competences Portfolio

Developed by: National Institute of Children and Youth, National Institute of Further Education, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Type of the tool/practice: Self-assessment tool, Assessment tool, Certificate/Attestation, Portfolio, Website/Platform/Blog

Recognition dimensions addressed by the tool/practices: Self-recognition, Social recognition, Formal recognition, Political recognition

Level of influence of your tool/practice: Organisational, National, International

Target group(s) for the tool/practice:
Young people, youth workers, NGOs working with children and Youth, and other stakeholders – educational institutions and employers

Short description:
Within the larger framework of recognising and validating non-formal education in Czech Republic, the Personal Competencies Portfolio (PCP) provides its users with an opportunity to self-assess competencies developed and translate them into a language accessible both for formal education and the employment field. The PCP provides a picture of the acquired competences (e.g. soft skills, knowledge, and educational experiences) that are usable for and transferable to different life situations as well as with regard to the constantly changing labour market.  It is well integrated into the National Qualification Framework in the Czech Republic.

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