"Young people in a digitalised world"


Youth participation in the digitalised world is nowadays a topic of high interest in the public sphere. The authors of this publication aim to bring new perspectives and varied visions to the key questions of understanding how young people interact with all the opportunities the digital space has to offer, and how they can use this space for causes relevant not only for themselves, but also for the democratisation of the societies in which they live.

By doing so, the authors strive to build knowledge on this topic, illustrating how the digitalisation of contemporary European societies simultaneously offers significant opportunities and poses considerable challenges.


Editorial by Matina Magkou, Reinhard Schwalbach and Bram Spruyt

The transformation of young people’s online and offline leisure time, spaces and media use in Hungary by Adam Nagy and Anna Fazekas

Leading entrepreneurial youth – Leadership and entrepreneurial skills for shaping the markets and the jobs landscape in a mobile and collaborative economy in Greece by  Betty Tsakarestou, Lida Tsene, Dimitra Iordanoglou, Konstantinos Ioannidis and Maria Briana

Digital and mobile tools and tips for youth eParticipation by Evaldas Rupkus and Kerstin Franzl 

Open youth participation – A key to good governance in the 21st century by Daniel Poli and Jochen Butt-Pośnik

Morocco – Digital and social media promote youth citizen engagement in democracy by Karima Rhanem

Online communication tools leading to learning, identity and citizenship for digital natives by Adina Marina Călăfăteanu

Towards digital literacy for the active participation and engagement of young people in a digital world by Nuala Connolly and Claire McGuinness

Reflections on the start of the No Hate Speech Movement by Antonia Wulff

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