Declaration on the Recognition of the Contribution of Non-Formal Education in Youth Work

Developed by: IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute

Type of the tool/practice: Event/Meeting/Seminar, Official document/Declaration

Recognition dimensions addressed by the tool/practices: Social recognition, Political recognition

Level of influence of your tool/practice: National

Target group(s) for the tool/practice:
The main target groups are: representatives of central state administration bodies, local and regional municipalities, public administration organizations, non-governmental organizations and employers.

Short description:
This is the official document expressing the contribution and the value of non-formal education signed by representatives of the national authorities, regional and local self-governments, public sector organisations, non-governmental organisations and private companies. It is used as a means of advocacy for better social and political recognition of non-formal education in youth work in Slovakia.

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Contact person: Andrej Dudáč, e-mail:

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