Developed by: IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute

Type of the tool/practice: Assessment tool, Certificate/Attestation

Recognition dimensions addressed by the tool/practices: Formal recognition, Political recognition

Level of influence of your tool/practice: National

Target group(s) for the tool/practice:
The direct beneficiaries of the Accreditation commission are youth work organizations and youth workers. Indirectly the practice impacts the young people participating in the youth work programmes delivered by the trained youth workers.

Short description:
The Accreditation Commission represents a state mechanism for recognition and quality assurance in youth work through accreditation of educational programmes for youth workers and youth leaders in Slovakia. The accreditation commission has the status of an advisory body for the Ministry of Education and has 11 members including representatives of the respective ministry and youth workers. Its founding was based on the ‘Act of Youth Work Support’. The work of the commission is closely related to the larger national initiative called ‘KomPrax – Competencies for Practice’ aiming at the better recognition of competencies young people gain through youth work and non-formal education.

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