Back Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation- UNDER 30' EPISODE 9

In this episode we are talking about the new publication of the EU - Council of Europe youth partnership on "Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation" together with its two editors: Dan Moxon and Veronica Ștefan.

The EU-Council of Europe youth partnership has done research on the topic of young people, social inclusion and digitalisation in 2019 and has recently published the youth knowledge book on “Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation”.

In 16 chapters, the authors critically examine if and how digitalisation can support the quest for social inclusion, ranging from the exploration of policies, tools and platforms available to young people and youth workers in Europe, supporting young people’s access to education and employment opportunities, opening up avenues for digital youth work, providing opportunities for participation for young people with disabilities, channels of integration for migrant communities and young refugees across Europe and support networks for young LGBTI persons.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Lana Pasic

Guests: Dan Moxon and Veronica Ștefan

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