What's XTREME about youth work - Coyote - Issue # 20

Hello readers!

Well, exciting times are these. But are they extreme? Are young people and those who work with them extreme? If something is classified as extreme, what is the reference point to say something else is normal?

To put it mildly, we had a lot of discussions inside and around the editorial team when asked to put together an issue which – somehow – should link the two concepts of youth and extremism. Some reactions were so strong that we even doubted for a while whether to tackle this at all. What you see here is the result of a lot of soul-searching to find ways of looking at extremism and youth: from the very personal relationship of a mother and son, to a summary of research into the issues, to a tongue-in-cheek manifesto, right through to action which aims to combat hate speech online.

Ranging further we hope to stimulate your thoughts with looking at the consequences of bringing babies into non-formal education, using more visual triggers to enhance learning, being intelligent emotionally and raising recognition at the grass roots.

Back in 1999, a team was asked to bring into being the Partnership’s “educational link”. This became Coyote and I have had the honour to be associated ever since, working with Sonja and Jonathan as editors taught me a lot about getting this inter-structural baby to print. Now it’s got to issue 20 – who would have thought it!? And it coincides with the 15th anniversary of the European Commission–Council of Europe Youth Partnership!