The power of youth work - Coyote - Issue # 16

Hello readers!

These are exciting times in Coyote land. We have had a lot of positive, constructive feedback about both the new design and the contents of Coyote Extra, which has helped us in working on developments this time. We are heading for the third issue of the magazine to be produced within one year — which is a record! It is no accident that the title for this issue is THE POWER OF YOUTH WORK…

In Coyote Extra we had the task of setting out the major themes of the First European Youth Work Convention in a variety of interactive ways. This time our aim is to give you a rich set of impressions of what it was like to be in Ghent, to take part, to contribute to this event and take away some conclusions and ideas for action... A special Coyote team was put together to come and listen, discuss, interview, observe, take photos, make contact with potential authors and, at the end, to encourage the hundreds of participants to write messages on paper planes and throw them towards us as we stood on the stage during the final plenary.

We were welcomed with warmth and great efficiency by the organising team and we had access to all areas and people. Although sometimes questions produce more questions, we also looked for answers as you can see from these examples:

  • What kind of convention participation are you?
  • What did the organisation think of the process and result?
  • How did participants choose which workshops to attend?
  • How have our concepts of youth work developed?
  • What did the CIA have to do with European youth policy?
  • What was it like to get around the magnificent Vooruit building?
  • How were women involved?
  • How do you experienced practitioners look at all this?
  • How did it look coming from outside Europe?