Back T-Kit 3: Project Management

In the last 20 years projects have taken a central role in youth work and can be considered today as a tool for social change, a cornerstone to community development and to international youth work or even as a tool to build and/or strengthen civil society. As a consequence, the management of projects has become a necessary skill for youth organisations and a recurrent topic for youth work training.

Written by experienced youth work trainers at the international level, this T-Kit is largely inspired from ‘project management’ training events run in the context of international youth work and draws on concrete training examples. This T-Kit should not be seen as a recipe on ‘how to run a project’ but rather as a proposal of a framework that provides the project manager with a concrete ‘step-by-step’ approach, including hints and guidelines for monitoring a project.

The T-Kit has been designed for those who want to develop projects and who are able to refer to their own experiences and own project, in particular project managers in charge of developing a project and trainers helping participants to develop their own projects.