Back T-Kit 2: Methodology in Language Learning

Language skills and intercultural awareness are essential in the organisation of international events. More and more youth organisations now need to be able to provide their members or European volunteers with the necessary skills to communicate in international settings (international events or volunteering in a host country).

Written by language teachers experienced in training European youth leaders, this T-Kit presents a methodology for learning language and developing communicative ability in a target language and is mainly designed for language trainers/teachers and other language facilitators looking for an innovative approach to language learning in a non-formal education context. The global methodology is inspired by the ‘Task Based Learning’ approach and approaches based on intercultural learning which simulates authentic communication situations, providing learners with the necessary vocabulary to realise successfully, in the target language, an activity close to their own reality. The methodology has proved to be particularly suited to youth work and nonformal education contexts. It has been chosen amongst many other language teaching/learning methodologies because it can be adapted to different target languages, to different learning environments and to different learning needs. Furthermore, this methodology requires active participation, initiative and the involvement of the learner.