T-Kit 10: Educational Evaluation in Youth Work

Evaluation is not something that people get immediately excited about, however it is something natural for human beings. So you might ask yourself why should I read a T-Kit on something I already do every day? The answer is to make it conscious, explicit, reflective and organised and to share it with others. That is what this T-Kit is all about: planning evaluation, deciding about what you want to get achieve, exploring its educational value, when to do it, with whom, for what and for whom.

The T-kit mainly focusses on educational evaluation meaning that it looks at evaluation as an inherent part of educational processes in youth work and it explores the ways evaluation can be at the service of educational achievements. It is primarily addressed to youth workers closely involved in learning processes and educational activities with young people (trainers, facilitators, mentors, group leaders…) but can also be of interest to other actors involved in youth projects like organisers, administrators and decision makers.

The ultimate aim of this T-Kit is to support and contribute to the improvement of youth projects in Europe, by developing the competence of youth workers in the theory and practice of Educational Evaluation.

Nevertheless, this T-Kit is not a recipe book on evaluation methods that can be automatically transferred into activities. Rather, it is an educational and methodological tool to help youth workers and other relevant actors to naturally develop, integrate and improve educational evaluation in their youth work. Concrete experiences and existing practices of evaluation as developed in practical youth work in Europe are used as reference material.