T-Kit 1: Organisational Management

Both the words ‘managers’ and ‘management’ may seem sometimes a bit alien to the jargon used in youth organisations. However, management is not only a business practise, any volunteer organising a day trip is managing time, people and resources. So it is important that individuals identify themselves with the concept of management.

This T-kit seeks to encourage the development of well managed youth organisations across Europe through the provision of a theoretical foundation and practical application of organisational management techniques. In particular, it explores four different topics which are: the context and culture of European Youth Organisations, the management of self and of people, as well non-human resources within and outside the organisation. However, this T-kit does not attempt to offer the solution to all youth organisation’s problems. In the same way that organisations and individuals are unique, solutions are too. Therefore, there are not miraculous recipes, however we offer techniques and methods that can be adapted to youth organisation’s reality and help it to improve its quality.

This T-kit has been produced with the aim to serve trainers and multipliers in the field of organisational management as well as “Managers” (i.e. Secretary Generals, International Co-ordinators, Executives, Presidents, etc.) of small and medium sized non-governmental youth organisations.