Back Smart youth work - Coyote - Issue # 26

Hello plugged-in readers!

Everywhere we look in the youth world at the moment people are talking about, experimenting with, writing about, even constructing DIGITAL YOUTH WORK. So much so that in the Coyote editorial team, we have had quite a time deciding what to leave out of this issue!

As so often, we started our journey at a youth-work related event: the EU Youth conference in Tallinn, where youth participation, SMART YOUTH WORK and all things digital were on the agenda and even – at the opening dinner – before our eyes as we jumped into virtual reality.

So, what have we discovered along the way?

  • We have seen how to make a really interactive EUlevel youth conference – setting the lines working towards youth-defined goals for the future
  • We have found out about concepts of smart youth work and how they are linked to digital youth work
  • We were inspired by Estonian singer IIRIS’s courage in changing direction, sense of fun and musicality!
  • We learned how to protect and campaign for our digital rights
  • We discovered how Big Data could be used for the benefit of young people and youth work
  • We gained different perspectives on using digital tools and approaches in support of quality youth work
  • We had a long think about our use of selfies!
  • We realised how useful Open Badges can be in identifying and recognising learning

And we harvested a whole host of additional resources for you to explore.